What distances are your short and long distance runs?

Hi was looking for some advice or tips really. I keep seeing post of people commenting on their short and long runs, I was just wandering what mileage or km you cover in these? And what times are these.

I am currently running 3 x week and aim for 40-45 minuets running and cover about 4.5 miles.

As the nights are getting darker I am thinking of cutting my running time down to 20-25 mins and a longer run at the weekend but I will be losing up to 30 mins running time during the week. I don't really have the time to add this on to my weekend run so any advice on what I should do?

There is local running group on a Thursday evening which I am considering joining to help keep me motivated

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  • I tend to do one long run of 1-1.5 hrs 10-15km and 2 smaller 5-6kms, (one with a 3km long hill built in and one level one where I've recently been adding some sprints in).

  • My weekly routine is similar to this - well it will be when I restart my hill training this week.

  • I'm slow so I attempt to do a 5k run (45mins, if needs be this is 30 mins), a 6-7k run (60-75 mins, gradually increasing) and a quick run 3k (20-25 mins).

    A run with intervals (sprints in between on a short one) is a good idea but only happens when I can face it!

  • My shortest run is my monthly parkrun outing @ 5km.

    I usually run 2 6km and a 10km each week. My aim (only started this last month) is to do a 2 hour run after each parkrun, but as I did my 1st half marathon on Sunday I'll be giving that a miss this month :-)

  • Well thanks for your replies everyone.

    I'm thinking of cutting down to two shorter runs of 3-4 k but incorporating some interval training into these, also adding two days of cross trainer too as I have one of these at home an I like doing intervals on these then my longer run (building back up to 10k) at the weekend.

    Did a lovely 7k tonight in 44 mins. Every time I go out I intend to just do 20 mins an end up pushing on I just can't seem to get myself to cut back on my time and distance! :-)

  • Like others here, I try (when I'm in my running mojo) to run 2 x 5k's and an interval session during the week before work, and a long run at the weekends.

    I've always understood long runs as anything over an hour, so for me, that's 10km+.

    I think joining a running club would be a good idea, it'd mean you get a nice social run aswell as 'safety in numbers' in the dark!

  • Thanks guys you've given me lots to consider, not had much luck in getting out this week but will be back on it at the weekend!

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