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W6r1 can’t quite believe I did it ✅🐌🐌pace !


Well here I am having successfully done the first run of week 6. It was ok !!! I found myself actually surprised when jo said you’ve done 2.5 mins it felt like seconds. Omg I might actually be starting to enjoy it. It was a glorious morning so that helps.

Considering I couldn’t even do week one I am shocked I’m doing week 6. I know I’m a snail 🐌🐌but at least I’m out there doing some exercise. So I’m taking some kudos for myself. Sadly my Strava failed me so no stats for this !😢

Onwards to Wednesday for the next one !!

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Brilliant start to the week, well done! Onwards and upwards. #allsnailstogether


Brilliant - well done. I did run 1 of week 6 this morning and echo your thoughts of “wow! how did we get here” - by listening to Jo and going 🐌pace. Take those kudos you deserve it. See you for run 2 on Wednesday morning 🤞😅


Fantastic! It’s inspiring for me to hear such successes and the thought of like you getting to a place where I actually might enjoy it is reassuring. Having a rest day today and will be out again tomorrow all things being equal. Kudos badge is definitely awarded to you. Well done.


That's great 💪 such a shame for the stats. Happened to me on W6R2 🙈 I was devestated.


Well done Delgirl82 ...just read your profile almost identical to me ...I’m 64, hypothryroidic, and overweight ...and we’re on same schedule ...go us 😊

Delgirl82 in reply to Chipuba

Welcome to my world ! I decided this enforced period at home was perfect to give it a go. My very guy husband is doing it but not with me. He’s way to fast !! I’m a 🐌and prob will stay that way until this weight starts shifting. If it ever does !! Are you on Week 6 ? How fast are you. ? Check us discussing running !!!


Yes, on week 6 ...yesterday did the 25 min “official runner” 🤣 session I started with my daughter but then covid separated us so my other half started but he got a sore knee so now I’m solo but he will drop me at start and pick me up at end. I am not fast ...I haven’t reached 2 mile yet in my running although the plan indicates that in 3 weeks I should have completed the 3 miles (or 5k) 😱 but anywho it doesn’t matter about the pace as we can get faster over the coming summer months!! 🥵🥵☀️☀️I take 150mg Levothyroxine per day ....happy running to you 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️😁

Delgirl82 in reply to Chipuba

Well done I’ve that run on Friday !! Me a runner err prob not just a slow jogger. Really not focused on the distance just hope to complete the programme.

I take 100 a day. We should be proud of ourselves.

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