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W5R2 - can’t believe I did it


I did it. I wasn’t sure how I would cope with the increase from 5 to 8 mins but I stayed positive & thought about my where I was running to having first fixed my mind on my route. I’ve been keeping the same route so that I can use the little landmarks as my journey markers which has really helped me with each extended run. So far so good. But I have to admit run 3 is a huge increase on everything so far. Hope I can do it 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

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You will be able to do it. Trust the programme and take inspiration for all on here who have faced and conquered the same.

I was like you - 5 to 8-minute trepidation on Tuesday but when I got into a rhythm the time seemed to fly by.

I have W5R3 due tomorrow but currently laid low with a cold/flu thing. Legs and lungs still feel ok, so it might still be on.

Suesky17Graduate in reply to Javert

Tx Javert. I think you’re right. And good luck 👍

You can and will, steady pacing will get you there, looking forward to reading your happy post!


It is really OK. You're actually almost there and on your next run you will surprise yourself. Just go out slow and steady.


I just completed the same run this lunchtime. I really wasn't sure about moving up to 8 mins but it wasn't as bad as I thought. Am dreading having to run for 20 mins but as the others have said, keep it slow and steady, and it won't be as bad as we think. There is a huge sense of accomplishment afterwards while the legs recover from their jelly-like status :) !

Suesky17Graduate in reply to Diddidi

You will be fine. I felt exactly the same way and did it this morning. I’m super chuffed with myself. Just keep going and think about how great you will feel when you’ve done it. I imagined a finish line tape to break through and it really spurred me on. Good luck 👍


You will!

Yes, you will! Believe in yourself - you are ready for this - and the sense of achievement afterwards is just the best feeling. Just take it 'slow and steady' and you'll be amazed at what you can do

I did the same run this morning. Surprised how easy it was


I'm with you on the dreaded feeling. W5R3 is my next challenge too. Good luck - we CAN do this!

Well done! Brilliant! I hope I can manage it too - feeling nervous!

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