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W7R1 - almost

I’ve had a little break from running as my knees were feeling funny, not painful as such more odd, but I couldn’t stand not running anymore, it was having a direct negative impact on my mood so I threw caution to the wind and attempted W7R1 after having only done 10 minutes last week.

Overall I was fairly happy with my performance, being as it was in considerable heat for 7 pm in July (in England) and after a generous dinner. I managed about 20 minutes of running overall I think with a few walking breaks when I was crossing roads.

I have sketched 5K out in my town and I am going to work on beating my time to prep for my Race for Life at the end of July. I’ll be seeing a doctor on Saturday for my knees and getting my gait analysed on Sunday so overall I’m happy to be back and looking forward to doing better with W7R2.

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That's good you managed to get out again, and that you are getting your knees checked out. It's so much better when you feel positive, long may that continue for you. :)


Thank you MrsSparkle :)


I bet your knees will be fine! Your body is just adjusting to new levels of exertion and is complaining. New shoes is the cure I reckon! A new pair of flashy capri's wouldn't go amiss either

So, that's you diagnosed by Doctor Wobble. On to Run 2 of week 7 Let's know how you get on


Thank you Dr Wobble! I did treat myself to new shoes a few weeks ago and now I'm going for a gait analysis, bit backwards but oh well.

I'll be doing run 2 tonight, the day breaks don't fit in with my social life unfortunately, so I will let you know how I get on!


W7R2 ran for 28 minutes! Didn't quite cover 5K as I was doing the slow and steady approach but feel pretty awesome! 7 weeks ago I could barely run for 30 seconds =) can't recommend this program enough!


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