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Week 6 run 1 but feel like I cheated


Completed this run this evening, but I wasn’t feeling 100% so chose a new route through the park that was (after an initial gentle climb) either flat or downhill - with the 5 minute cool down walk back uphill towards home.

Happy we completed it especially with not feeling great, but REALLY feel like I cheated myself 😕

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If you feel like you cheated yourself then why not do it again?

How on Earth can you have cheated if you completed the run! Some of us always run on the flat 🤷🏻‍♀️

Pat yourself on the back for another run completed


It’s not cheating. You still completed the time without stopping, that’s what is important. I deliberately do a flat route and only have a slight hill at the end. Today the hill was at the last 3minute walk of Run 1. I don’t consider that cheating as it’s the first time I’ve been able to walk it rather than run. Good luck for the 25 minute run next time. We’re nearly there

Emcg51 in reply to MMP175

Thanks 😄 it felt like a cheat because there was overall more downhill than uphill. Usually the last leg before home is uphill so always a struggle and I couldn’t face it today with being a bit under the weather. But in all the early weeks I did full home to home runs, which included plenty of little hills! X


Don’t be hard on yourself, it’s good that you’ve chosen a new route, I think our bodies get used to doing the same route day in day out, so the new route will have been unexpected and different, not necessarily easier and certainly not cheating. Here’s a thought.....maybe you’re regarding it as too easy because in fact you’re actually much fitter now than a few weeks ago, hence your ability to sail through it without any problem? If you feel you simply have to pay a penance, then maybe W6R2 should be the same route but in reverse (I don’t mean running backwards, that really would be a penance!) or, as IannodaTruffe says, you could always do it again. But would you regard that as compounding the ‘cheating’?🤔. I reckon it’s too much over thinking, just keep getting out there and enjoying the running 😀


Well done for getting out & doing it, not feeling 100%! Got the same run, tomorrow!

Emcg51 in reply to Cyclone51

Thanks, good luck for your run. 😄

Cyclone51Graduate in reply to Emcg51

Thanks! I’m looking forward to it!


I’ve not attempted a hill yet, so well done!!

Emcg51 in reply to Bumblebee43

Thanks 😄 our hills aren’t mountains to be fair, but when you’re as unfit as me anything more than on the flat takes it out of you! 😂


But why? You did it!

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