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Week 7, 1st run under my belt!


Does anyone else feel that perhaps they’re a fraud and that running at a snails pace doesn’t really count? I’m loving this challenge and I’m thrilled with my progress but I never see anyone else running and have no one to measure myself against, am I deluding myself?

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It’s not a race. What’s better - sitting at home on the sofa watching TV or even going out for a 30 minute walk? The fact your moving is a bonus! The fact your moving faster than walking is even better!

Keep going - it’s not about breaking the world record just making you feel better. In time you will get faster 😀


Well done for getting this far through the programme. Everyone on the forum will say that slow is good. You are building strength all the time and running injury free, that's the important thing.

You will get faster after you graduate, although I have only got a bit faster. The thing is to enjoy your running and over time you will discover what sort of running suits you.

But for now, complete the programme as slowly as you need to. That way you will become a strong runner.

Good luck

Gardener62Graduate in reply to Roxdog

Thank you for that, a real boost of encouragement!


Don’t worry about going at a slower pace, you’re not a fraud, you’re out there completing the runs, for me the important thing is to preserve enough energy to complete the run and if at the end of it you’ve got some energy left add a short run of your own to the end of it, or finish the final run at a quicker pace.


If you were in a city you would see hundreds of runners, every day.

A lot of them would be faster than you, some would be slower, but if you are running slowly then you are going at the recommended pace for C25k.

You may not make the next Olympics........but it has been delayed, so there is still hope.

Running slowly builds stamina, strength and endurance and slow runners live longer.........so why do you want to be fast?



I’m a day behind you - doing W7R1 tomorrow. I can only echo what everyone else says and which has certainly helped me- it’s not about speed it’s about increasing stamina. So far I seem to have been lucky in that my own pace ( which is undoubtedly slow!) has allowed me to get through the big runs. I’m just chuffed to be completing them to be honest! It’s difficult sometimes not to worry when you see those other runners going apace but who knows if they’re bent over catching their breath round the corner? I’ve decided just to do my own thing anyway- and those people overtaking me are probably just trying to get away from me singing along to my playlist 🤣🤣it’s one of the ways I make sure that I’m not going too fast - if I’ve got enough breath to sing ( I use the term loosely) I’m doing OK.


Good luck for tomorrow. Finding or making a good playlist is pretty important, I hadn’t thought of music to sing to!

SweatyHettieGraduate in reply to Gardener62

Thank you - fingers crossed

Music is definitely what gets me through, I’ve made my own playlist of all my upbeat favourites.

You’re definitely not alone! I think I can actually walk faster than i jog 😂 but, my heartbeat is racing way faster than if I was watching telly! Maybe not as fast as when someone offers me a Kit Kat but you get what i mean 😂


I am doing the week 5 run 3 tomorrow and as ever it will be very slow- however my heart rate is really high against cycling which I used to do lots of. So slow is still very very good I think and also helps prevent injury. What isn’t so handy is the 3 glasses of wine I have had this evening 😂😂


I often feel like that - but then I see that the benefits are real & many , regardless of my pace, so that’s ok - more than ok! 😄


My first post here almost four years ago was

"Is it even possible that I run slower than I walk?"

The answer was



However, since then kept going and for a beat up old sod my best time for a 5k at 33 minutes and change is flipping AWESOME :)

I'll never be "fast" - but I sure as heck have fun :)

Wishing you many happy miles in your future :)

Gardener62Graduate in reply to Irish-John

Thank you, you give me hope!

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to Gardener62

Believe me, there are a HUGE number of "always thought I never could run" members here - but we do :)

Slow, steady and keeping it enjoyable on at least some level, doing the programme in your own time - less than ten percent graduate "on time/with 5k" - is how we get to graduation and beyond. :)

You are well on your way, no worries 👍🏻

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