1st week under the belt!

So yesterday I finished my first week of C25K and I'm so so pleased! I had the app downloaded for over a month, somehow getting started was the hardest thing.. But I'm so glad I did! My running route has quite a few hills (the hazards of living in a hillside town) so it can be a bit of a killer. I've not yet had to stop in the running section, though on an uphill I've come very close to a snail's pace! I found that my shins were aching during and after the second run, which was a fun new factor. Apparently (according to google) this is a common beginners problem - anyone else? 

So looking forward to week two, hope everyone else is having a great weekend whether running or resting! X


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9 Replies

  • Well done! Mind those shins though, as developing shin splints will put you off for a while. Make sure you have proper running shoes and take it very easy on the downhills. Good luck with the rest of the programme! 

  • Well done on completing your 1st week ☺good advise from Celtprof  , it does take a while for our bodies to adjust to running but wise to take the rest days and look after yourself ☺

  • Hills..just flat roads slanting upwards. :)

    I am only just learning to embrace the hills!!!! They sneak up on you everywhere. :)

    Lots of bits of you will ache..bits you did not even know you had..it should settle, but loads of links and advice about shin ache on the forum... :)

    Go you!

  • Those hills do rather sneak up yes! sometimes you only realise a hill is there when you try to run up it too.  It seemed so flat whilst I was driving the car.....:-)

  • Oh yes... so very many roads seem flat..in a car! :)

  • Congratulations on getting through the first week! Hopefully, your aches will settle, but  do go careful and don't run on if your shins complain too much at the beginning of a run. Maybe have an extra rest day and get some ice on them (10 mins at a time). Also, don't forget stretching too. Yep, hills are going to make it tougher for you, but you will also become stronger and will love it when you find some flatter routes to run on! Good luck!🙂

  • Thanks for all the advice and encouragement, it's so helpful! My third run was shin ache free so I wonder if I maybe got a little over excited? I bought a pair of Quechua trainers from ebay, which I thought were for trail running, but am now wondering if they might just be for walking.. Running trainers are quite an investment and it's so hard to know what to choose, any recommendations gratefully received! X

  • Hi Clovers - I took no chances and got some running shoes before I even started C25K. I went for a brand called Asics (although the logo looks as if it says "dasics"), which you can get at sports shops or on line. They are reasonable in price - around £35-50.

  • Thanks Katie, I've heard quite a lot about Asics, all good! I went and tried on a few different trainers today and ended up going for a pair of Nike Downshifters. There was loads of choice and I felt really indecisive so I just went for the ones that felt the most comfortable and supportive.. hopefully the choice will pay off this coming week!!

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