Run 1 Under My Belt

After my horrible run on Tuesday morning I went out again today to do the first run of week 7. I felt quite relaxed about it, deciding that I wouldn't stress about it and if I struggled again I'd repeat week 6...

But it was a lovely run :) I even managed to speed up for the last minute! It felt so much better, I got into a nice rhythm and stayed there.

Quite odd to think that after just 6 weeks I'm running for 25 minutes, feeling very proud right now!


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  • Glad you had a better run. Are your feet and knees ok now then? I'm attempting run 1 in the morning but I've started with a cold so not sure if it's a good idea! Will see how I feel. Anyway well done Minxy, you're on fire!!

    By the way, are you thinking of investing in a Garmin? I'm toying with the idea of getting one post-graduation...

  • Knees and feet both felt much better, so still hoping it was just settling :)

    What does a Garmin do then? I'm a sucker for a toy!

  • And rightly so! Well done! You did the right thing, we all have a bad run; shake it off, get back out there, and most of the time you'll find the next run is awesome. It's amazing isn't it, what can be achieved in a small amount of time. Keep going - you're nearly there!

  • I'm genuinely shocked at how well the plan works!

  • It really is fabulous! I started in June, unable to run for 60 seconds, loathing exercise and smoking 20 fags a day. Now I run for 30 - 40 minutes, have stopped smoking and actually GO A BIT MAD when I can't run !!!!!!!!!! It really has changed my life, for the better.

  • I wasn't smoking, but last June I weighed over 25st, I now weigh nearly 10st less, but getting fit is now another goal! I'm the same, I would love to get out every single day - but don't want to injure myself, so keep to every other day :)

  • Wow, that's an amazing achievement! I understand what you're saying, I lost 5 stone after having my daughter, but my fitness was shocking. When I first started the plan I ran two days in a row - it was a big mistake and a very quick lesson that rest days are VITAL. Frustrating........but vital :-)

  • It's only been the last few months that I've turned my focus to fitness. Losing weight isn't enough if you still spend your life on the sofa :) I've still got a bit to go, 3st at least, but I'll get there.

  • It's a GPS watch that tells you your pace, distance etc, bit like the apps you can get on your iPhone but it's supposed to be much more accurate. They're not too cheap though... Might have to go on my Xmas list!

  • Might stick with MapMyRun for now, I've got a FitBit as well and that tracks my steps. MapMyRun seems quite accurate for me tbh.

  • Well done you. I have thought you were fantastic since we stated but I am now in awe of your achievement - and determination. I am also so glad this run was a good one for you, you enjoy that lovely feeling of success.

    I just in from mine and I did it but it was a bit of a struggle. Never mind my next few runs will be in sunny Soller in Mallorca ! Woo hoo. I really want to keep in line with you and the rest if us who are at this stage, if I can! We'll see.

  • Have a great holiday!

  • Thanks Deb! Will try to log in and see how you are doing, without eating up loads of money on my phone!

  • It is a fab feeling :) I'm determined to be better health wise at 40 than I've ever been, so far so good :)

    Have an amazing holiday!

  • MinxyMissK I thought you were amazing but that weight loss is incredible! You are up there for me now, second only to Mary Berry (who is on the radio now!).

    I did run 1 this morning and it felt just ok - had a tricky patch in the middle - but carried on and my stats on mapmytracks show a nice steady run. I seem to have found a groove. 25 mins is doable! Wow!

    I have lost a bit of weight since end of July (nearly 6kg so just under a stone) and the exercise what what I really needed. I basically needed a bit of sorting out and the running does it really! How weird it that.

    Fitbit is on birthday list - deb55 in a couple of weeks. My mum had a stroke at this age and I remember how it changed her life completely. So two things: try to do things so it doesn't happen to me plus take life one day at a time.

    Well done community. I am so proud of you all and all the things you have achieved! X

  • Aww thank you, I blog about my slimming too, if you google Slimming World Files you'll find me :)

    It's definitely getting into that stride isn't it? I think the trick this time was my leggings falling down, as I was concentrating on pulling them up so I just ran - worked for me hehe!


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