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Help with week 5 run 3


Any tips for what feels like a huge jump to run for 20 mins!

I just about managed the 2x 8 mins today!


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The program has prepared you for run 3 of week 5, trust it, congratulations on getting this far, just take run 3 of week 5 slow and steady, once you have completed it you will be very proud of yourself, good luck.

JillJos15Graduate in reply to AlMorr



I did this run on Tuesday. You will love it! Take it really slow and don’t forget the air punch at the end. Good luck!

JillJos15Graduate in reply to CobbleRunner


Take a deep breath start as slow as you can and play your favourite music, you will be amazed at how quick the time goes and you will be grinning for days

JillJos15Graduate in reply to WillowandSola



I have to do it tomorrow - best of luck as well ... I am just going to take slowly and worry about speed later!


So today you ran and brisk walked for 21 minutes.......well done.

There is no big jump.

This post may help you put it all into perspective

You can do this.......believe it.

JillJos15Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Very true! Hadn’t thought about to like that! I will smash it!

Delly-dotGraduate in reply to JillJos15

The post that IannodaTruffe shared is brilliant - I call it the W5R3 myth-buster! Now you understand the weird science behind it all there really is nothing to fear. Enjoy it!

It feels like a huge jump and you'll be really psyched up for it. I did it about a week ago and got my wife to come out to support, but actually it wasn't too bad. Go out slow, finish strong ... the sense of achievement is enormous if you've started, as I did, from a low fitness base. Good luck.


You'll do it and be amazed at what you've achieved.

Good luck x


Completely understand how hard it ‘appears’ to be (we all felt the same!!) but as others have pointed out the plan has absolutely prepared you for it. The feeling of completing that run is the best too!!


You have made it this far, you have successfully made it this far, as planned, you will be amazed that your body will be able to do it. Take it steady and the minutes will just keep passing by, remember it is not a race!


If I can do it anyone can-it feels like magic. You will do it and it is such a turning point. Xxx

I’ve just posted something similar. I’m doing week 5 run 2 later and am so nervous and like you think run 3 is a massive jump!!

Hi, I did this same run the day before yesterday and was really shocked at the start that it was 20 mins without a break (I haven’t looked ahead at each week and run). Almost gave up before I started, but told myself to have a go and get as far as I could. Nice and slow, and by twenty minutes I felt I could have kept on going if Michael Johnson hadn’t told me to stop already! A lot of it is in the head...


Smashed it! Thanks for all the encouragement!

If you don't feel ready for the big jump, then you can always repeat run 2 and work up to it.

I figured I was never going to make it so I have been repeating run 2 and I've been adding an extra minute to the second 8 minute run every time I do it. Today I managed to run the entire cool down as well as the 8 minute run (obviously I added 5 minute cool down on the end), but the point being I ran 8 minutes, 5 walk and then 13 minutes running so in total I've done more than the 20 minute Run 3. I'm hoping this is now going to give me the confidence to make the move to Run 3.

Give it a try and see how you feel.

JillJos15Graduate in reply to Yebam

Well done! All mindset I smashed the run and just ran for 25 mins this am! Keep going!

Good luck, I’m 2 weeks behind you. So hopefully your experience will help me push through too. Go for it! 😃😃

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