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Well that’s week 2 done

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I couldn’t do my intended run yesterday due to very sore muscles but I’ve done it now!

Thank you to everyone on here, it’s al the positivity that is keeping me going! I’m sure I’d have given up by now if it wasn’t for all your posts. I’m finding it hard to believe I’ll be able to run comfortably for 30 minutes, but all your posts persuade me that I will. Onwards to week 3

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I felt exactly the same in early weeks of the programme! Honestly if you keep going and make sure you rest inbetween runs you will get there. I have allowed myself extra rest days along the way when needed and felt my runs were all the better for it 😉

Well done and good luck in week three. 👏👏

Yay! I also Just completed week 2. I found that run mentally the hardest yet. Hopefully week 3 will bring me new energy.

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WorkingathomeGraduate in reply to Potatopotato

Good to know someone at the same stage hopefully we can cheer each other along through week 3 and beyond

Yes definitely! I can always use some extra motivation 😃

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