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R2W4 complete


I did not think I would be able to do this run. My mind was very negative. . But i have done it and you know what it wasn’t too bad so I am dead chuffed!

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Great job out there... the voices in our head like to tell us we can’t do it... but they’re just liars... you just proved that yes, you can!


If we listened to our heads, we’d still be on the couch, feet up, watching tv, feeling bad. Well done.


Congratulations on completing run 2 of week 4, you deserve to be dead chuffed after thinking that you couldn't run it, but you could and you did, onwards and upwards to run 3 of week 4

Well done, one more run then you will be on to week 5.

Woo hoo! Go you! Well done 😊


I'm re-running C25K for the first time in 8 years. I've been a regular runner all through, longest run 13k or so, just needed to mark a new phase. I've just done W4R2 too - it's a toughie with those different length runs, so well done.

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