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Waterproof socks Yay or Nay?


What are everyone’s thoughts or recommendations please?

I don’t want to end up covered in blisters and unable to run. TIA

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I had that thought until I saw seal skins in up and running in Chester approx £24.99 a pair eeeeeeeeeeek I opted for normal running socks with wicking properties

ClaireepGraduate in reply to Imc50

Eek indeed!! I currently have hilly socks to help prevent blisters and to wick away moisture. They are working great so far but then I have managed to avoid getting my feet too wet so far 🤣 Only been running for about 10 weeks 👍🏻

Imc50Graduate in reply to Claireep

Hmmmm wetness/ blisters it could be my tootsie's but since I started my c25k I haven't had a blister 🤞

Got totally soaked about 3 runs back but it could be my brooks but they seemed to dry whilst running quite fast. And the sports direct running socks did a pretty good job 👍


I bought some in case it snowed and then I'd try them but apart from that I let my feet get soaked 🤣 It hasn't snowed significantly yet so I've not tried them. I wouldn't bother really.

ClaireepGraduate in reply to Tasha99

Ok thanks. So in your experience your feet haven’t suffered from getting wet?

Tasha99Graduate in reply to Claireep

No not at all. My issues were with my feet slipping forward. I lock my laces now and buy a full size up. Unless you're running for hours, I wouldn't worry about it.

ClaireepGraduate in reply to Tasha99

Great. Thanks for taking the time to reply 😊


I use my son's smartwools. No blisters, no sweaty feet.


I bought some running socks from Decathlon when I bought my lurid, fluorescent pink running shoes at the start of C25K. They were on offer at £1.99 (cos they are lurid pink too probably!) They are brilliant. Not a single blister in 8 weeks of running. My feet have regularly been wet with no problems. They also stay up in wellies, which is incredible, so I have bought lots more as I live in wellies😁

ClaireepGraduate in reply to Bozsky

They sound brilliant! Don’t blame you for buying lots more 😊

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