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Week4 done! What run do you prefer?

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So thats week 4 done and now facing scary old week 5! Hoping that the Japanese Snail routine will get me through!

Got a question for you. I find run 1 of a new week scary but exhilarating when I realise I'm going to manage it - gritted teeth and all. Run 2 seems to be hard then run 3 feels easier. So I guess I'm teetering between R1 & R3. Although R3 next week is going to be the smugfest run if i manage it!!! How about others?

12 Replies
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I like run 1 but I've had mixed experiences with whether 2 or 3 were better. (Excludes week 1 when it took me 4 goes goes to complete the first one).

I have high hopes for W5R1 as it's very similar, if not less than Week 4. Then it gets harder, but 'trust the programme' I am reliably informed.

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FionamagsGraduate in reply to SofaJockey

What run are you on now? We're roughly on the same schedule, I think?

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SofaJockey in reply to Fionamags

I've finished Week 4 - I'm picking my run days carefully as I don't want to be rained on. The weekend looks awful, so W5R1 may well be Monday.

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I’m with you a bit of excited trepidation on run 1, settling into it in run 2 and by run 3 looking forward to the next week. Weeks 5 and 6 are different as each run is different but once you finish the intervals by mid week 6 you feel soooo good, you just run. Don’t be afraid of W5R3 take it easy especially up to the half way point. From there you will gain in strength and imagine the post you will make at the end. You’ll love it!!

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I definitely see what you mean. Run 3 was always my favourite...🏃‍♀️👍

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When you get there Week 9 Run 3 is fantastic. Keep going onwards with the Japanese Jogging it will get you through. Good luck.

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Run 3 was always my favourite - it sort of finished off a group of runs so well. Good luck with week 5!

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I found w5R2 harder than the 20 mins. Honestly the 20 isn’t as bad as you think. X

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Yay well done on completing W4! 👏.

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I am at the same stage as you, doing W5 R1 on Monday, I have had a look at the Niko Niko Japanese running style and feel it may help me with daunting R3! So far, the plan has been doable for me, a total newb and non-runner, I compliment my runs with strength training 3 days a week and logging what I eat on My Fitness Pal. Pleased to say I have steadily lost weight and am hoping to graduate C25K to use running as a tool to fill in the bits missing from keeping me fit, mostly the cardio and helping me stop getting out of breath when I need to run anywhere! Good luck this week!

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FionamagsGraduate in reply to pippkins

Good luck to you too! Its pouring with rain at the mo so dont know when im going to get out for a run. Its one thing to get caught in the rain but im not up for setting out in a downpour....

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Haha, so far I have managed to avoid the rain, but only by going out at 6.45 am, just as the sun rises - but it's so cold at that time! We have a nice lake near us that has partial cover from surrounding woodland on the path, it's in a residential area so plenty of dog-walkers at that time so it's a safe place for a woman like me to run. Wishing you clear skies for next week! :)

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