Do you prefer to run on your own or with a friend?

My preference is to run on my own - I can huff and puff as much as I like without embarassment! Plus my running friends in the village will leave me standing if they had to come out with me, they are so fit and fast. however, I have realised I enjoy running on my own, with my own music and chosing where I want to go (or not go). What does everybody else prefer?


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47 Replies

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  • I really enjoy running on my own, me-time, de-stress time, and I am too slow to run with anyone else

  • I've always enjoyed running with a partner but I ran alone for the first time on Wednesday (W6R3). I enjoyed it so much more and I thought I ran better as I was concentrating on what I was doing. My running partner's faster than me as she's been training longer and sometimes it can seem like I'm running to catch up lol :) I think running alone gets you more 'in the zone'.

  • I think both bizzyb and Rosey21 hit on reasons why I like running on my own: me-time and getting into the zone. I do wonder sometime if i am missing out on encouragement and being pushed beyond my comfort-zone, however I think the benefits outweight the negatives for me

  • i went for my first solo run last night and i've got to agree that i focussed more and found it better, also when my friend dropped out last night i nearly did too so at least if its just you there are no excuses!

  • I have never run with anyone else, I think I would feel rather uncomfortable if I did. :-) All red faced and huffing along!

  • I just wish I didn't feel so 'visible' when running - live in a small village and know a lot of people here so no matter where I run I will end up passing some-one I know. Last year it didn't bother me until a local griped at me about the silliness of middle-aged runners (of which I am one) so that stripped my invisibility cloak right off <g> My GP tells me he runs late at night and that way he can run without encountering other people.

  • I am very cross that that person on your behalf. It's hard enough getting of the couch and out there. As my Scottish friend would say 'They want a good slapping!' . The are probably just feeling inadequate and a bit jealous! I live in a small village too but have been really lucky in encountering only encouragement and friendly faces. Even if they do secretly think I'm mad no one has been rude enough to say it! Hang in there and don't let that one person get to you. :-)

    BTW I have found this blog really useful as I have just finished C25K, running on my own, but am trying to work up the courage to do a park run and I am a bit nervous of running with others. Specifically that they will all gallop off at a million miles an hour and I will crash out through trying to keep up!

  • I have my brothers girlfriend as my running partner. She has dropped out a few times now so I have experienced both running experiences. I found that in the earlier days i needed someone to push me. However now when I run with her, she has started taking the mick abit and commenting on my breathing etc. I think she is just trying to make herself feel better but having just experienced another run on my own, i loved it. Im more in the zone, or should that be i can completely zone out and daydream as I run. Im wanting to go alone more and more and to be honest feel annoyed that im having to spend money on petrol to drive to her house to go running around an industrial estate when i have a beautiful canal down the road from me.

    Not her fault she can't get to my house for 2 of the runs but i really am starting to hate that industrial estate. There is no flexibility with time, i have to drive straight from work, get changed at her house, if I do not arrive before 6:30pm the run will not happen as she has to watch soaps etc...Ever wonder why you bother? :(

    So my advice is......SOLO BABY X

  • I would find some reason to extricate yourself from that arrangement jennstron!!!

    Agree, I find running on my own the best. Just me and my trusty Ipod Nano, although the garmin joins in too with its little beep every mile. Hopefully Laura will be joining me too when the new podcasts are out :)

  • Haha easier said than done! Do not want to cause offense.

    I would love nothing more to get out first thing before work and get it out of the way. Especially as the evenings have been evil lately.

    I just got he nike sportsband and was impressed to see that week 5 run 1 i covered 3k.

  • there's your way out then - say you want to try running in the morning as suits routine better

    need to do what makes you happy!

  • Agree! Blame the weather, say you want to get the run done in the morning, etc. She doesn't sound like a helpful running partner!

  • I agree with BTX4 get out of running with your friend.

    It seems such hassle for you to go running. Just say to her that you would rather run on your own as its cost you petrol and what not to get to her house. We should be enjoying the runs not have such a effort to get going in the first place more likely to put you off in the long run! hahaha xx

  • I am slowly getting out of it, reducing the runs together, my aim is just for one weekend run when they come over. The rest I can do alone. I went this morning at 5:30am was lovely x

  • I love running on my own, can relax, listen to music, not have to "perform" or chat, can de-stress! However, strangely enough, I do not feel alone! I wave at other runners, dodge dogs, smile at passers by and the joy of park run. It is a big runners community out there even if you run alone! :)

  • i did the whole programme running solo but since then I have to say i love running with others (do this at running club) as get the encouragment, motivation to keep going. Also at the park run whilst i'm running on my own having others around me keeps me going.

  • for those who like running alone, how did you find doing races? I thought I would hate the crowds but found I loved the buzz and the adrenaline and excitement. Last 5K race I did I ended up running and leap-frogging with an 81 year old gentleman who was so sparked up by the race he almost frizzled with electricity! He was showing the runners ahead of me at the start-line, his scar from open-heart surgery. He really inspired me.

  • He sounds great !

    I have the same concerns about races - not very keen on crowds generally. But, it's probably totally different to other crowds in that you're all there for the same reason and hopefully all moving in the same direction ;-)

    I enjoy running on my own - it's a great way to get some "me time" - and did almost all the c25k on my own but I also really enjoy running club - everyone is very supportive and it is quite motivational. Hopefully, it will mean I can go to races and see people I know there so I don't feel totally lost and intimidated !

  • C25K has certainly taught me a lot of stuff about myself, and I don't think I am the only who discovered that

  • I prefer and love to run by myself listening to birds instead of a rather chatty/ gossiping partner ! lol. However i always say hello / smile to people I cross and if I am warming up/down I take a minutes to caddles all the dogs i meet everyday .

    This is the best part of my day !

  • I have met a few dogs who appeared desperate to join my run instead of walking with their owners!

  • haha I have had this. A little sausage dog was running at the side of me, the owner was begging me to stop, so i had turn round go back and run on the spot while they got him on a lead.

  • I've never run side by side with a human partner ...but am loving doing the runs with my golden retriever Barnaby. Its very distracting to watch him zoom off to chase a squirel and comforting to see him come gallumphing back to me. Stops me thinking too much about how much I would like to stop.

    I also love parkrun where you have people to chat to at the beginning and the end. I can bore for Britain on the subject of C25k so being around other runners spares my nearest and dearests' ears a bit.

  • I did the programme pretty much on my own as my run buddy let me loads of times!! We didn't run together anyway though because my stride was double that I'd my friends so we walked the warm up and then ran at our pace and met up at the car afterwards.

    Now I run with running club and I absolutely love it. We laugh mostly but the others offer so much encouragement and advise to each other it's fantastic motivation and support.

    I also run with my hubby who has to slow right down to go at my snails pace but he says he enjoys it if it gets us some alone time doing something we both enjoy (aww bless him).

    I haven't run alone in over a month because I wimp out too easily when no one is around to nag or pass judgement :/

  • The first time I did C25K I was running on my own and the second time too. However the second time I was just over half way through it when I came across this site, from then on I still ran on my own but was no longer alone cos I now had like minded people to share my experiences with.

    Having gone on to Graduate I now have done 2 Parkruns, the first one scared the living daylights out of me, I mean running with 100 other people, what happens if I trip someone up or trip up myself!! Eeekk, well neither happened but I still get a bit up tight hoping that no one wants to jog and chat, cos I sure as hell can't do both. I'm practicing though by jogging and singing along to my Ipod.

  • Definately on my own. I can go where I want and at my own speed. I can also go when I want without having to oragnise meeting up with anyone. Its also one of the rare times I get on my own! I would hate the pressure of having to keep up with someone else

  • So no running with me when you are down then?!!;)

  • I'm just so antisocial!! and i'm sure I cant fit my trainers in my suitcase :))

  • Pah, I have a spare pair, size 5 I believe!!

  • On my own (with dog) She has to be exercised and I don't have enough energy for a dog walk and a run... yet!

    I like being by myself and only put one earphone in so that I can still hear birdsong etc (I was initially thinking I'd ditch the audio input once I'd graduated but I think I do need some help that way to pace myself) I love the challenge of finding new places to run.

    I have inadvertently had someone to 'chat' to occasionally when someone phones. I had quite a long conversation with my son's teacher a few weeks ago.

  • Always on my own. But I'm a fairly solitary person anyway. And Mrs OldNed (OldNedetta?) resists all my attempts at persuading her to start C25K.

  • maybe she likes the time to herself when you are out running lol

  • Surely not?

  • I've only run on my own, and my friend back home (who is a 'proper runner') offered to come with me, but as people have said, it's a lot of effort having to drive to hers to be able to run - I just want to leave my house and be off! For me, it means there are far fewer excuses...

    Running with a partner sounds daunting to me, I think the encouragement would be great, but if they dropped out, I don't think I'd need much persuasion to join them.

    I don't feel like I'm running alone, either, I have Laura, and have started to refer to my runs as "when -we- went out", which very much confused my OH to begin with - clearly he thought I'd managed to find a friend!

    I am no where near ready for a race yet, but I think that once I'm able to do the 5k, I'll feel proud enough of myself to get out there and enjoy it. Just so long as people don't require too much talking throughout the race!

  • On my own. I have only run with someone else once and of course they wanted to chat. I can't run and chat - I need all my breath to keep going!

    Solo is great. I can slow down if I need to, puff and gasp without a care or just watch the world go by. I pass on the singing out loud to my music though. :)

  • I go on my own too, it's interesting to see that that is what most people are doing. My hubby is doing the programme as well and we have both graduated and prefer to run on the day that the other one isn't!! It truly is "me-time" I think and as everybody else says you can go out and not wait around. When I'm ready to go, I'm ready to go!!

    My sister who has been running for years (didn't tell her that I was doing the programme at first) now wants to kind of muscle in on me. She entered me in for a Race for Life without asking me, so it would keep me motivated and we could do it together. Oh no it won't! Really annoying as a) I am not free on the day and b) does she just want to blast off; make herself feel good and see me pink and gasping - I am a newbie runner after all.

    I told her, I like being on my own and to back off entering me in for anything as I'll do it when I want. I don't need motivation - I had Laura and looking forward to the new podcasts.

    Bring it on!! :)

  • Oh my goodness, years and years ago a so-called friend asked me to come along to a 10k race to support her, so off I went and when I got there she told everybody that we were going to be running together. Turns out she entered me in the race too - and I couldn't run a meter never mind 10,000 of them. I was so mortified I took my place behind the starting line and I got left standing! Hours later I somehow got home - I got lost during the race, needless to say that was the end of that friendship and I think it is one of the many reasons why I like running on my own. I have just put my name down for a 10k race end September and I want to put that particular distance (and ghost) to bed once and for all. I enjoy doing 5k but am pretty scared of 10K.

  • I'm sure you will have wings on your heels! Well done you for going for 10k, I have only just graduated and only now doing 5k regularly and don't feel ready just yet for a public race. I go out at 6am and love the peacefulness, I smile at others when/if I see them, but am more than happy to see no-one at all!

    Let us know how you go in September - good luck :)

  • I love both, my lovely housemate is a brillant running partner because she pushes herself so hard and so I have to push myself too (which is good for me!), my boyfriend however sprints off (due to higher level of fitness AND being a foot taller than me) so that's basically running on my own! I like running on my own because there are no distracts and I can get in the zone!

  • I love to run alone, me my ipod and the scenery, I can go when and where i want . I hate relying on other people and I feel obliged to talk when running with someone else, I can't run and talk too well!! :)

  • So many of us who like the peace and quiet whilst running alone - interesting to read the many reasons why. I am intrigued by those who can get up and go for a run early in the morning, at best I am on auto pilot till 10am so it will take a lot of talking to myself to get going first thing. However the thought of fresh legs and no tiredness is becoming quite compelling, never mind the fact that there are fewer people out that early <<G>>

  • I love running early, I think it's the best time to run, especially in the summer before the sun is properly hot/the air is really humid. You'd be surprised at how invigorating a 7am run is!

  • I am serious thinking about an early morning run - I know it takes me a while to process new things like this (it took me almost a year to pluck up the courage to start C25K!) but I am going to give it a go! Will keep you up to date

  • *seriously*

  • I like both! Alone: lost in my own thoughts, the peace and quiet, more aware of surroundings, choose when and where I go etc. With my running buddy: sharing the journey together, encouraging each other when we are flagging, telling each other our bums aren't wobbling too much, marvelling at the fact we can now chat as well as run (well for the first few minutes anyway!), sharing the sense of achievement because our husbands aren't running and don't share our wopping great sense of enthusiasm about C25K...

  • Pretty much always alone for me as well. I have even taken to running without music most of the time so its really just me, myself and I. Pure therapy sometimes.

    I like to run in company occasionally and am lucky enough to have a couple of friends who run about the same standard as I do; it mixes it up a bit. Also I am trying to do a race every now and again and there is definitely company there :-)

    Plucking up the courage to join a running club...

  • So far only on my own (only on Wk2 though). Running on my own, at my own pace, where I like is lovely- well hard work but the freedom and peace and quiet is nice.

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