First ever park run in week4

I just went for my first ever park run today and the experience was totally amazing. I am in W4 R3 so I just did one lap (~3k) in 27 mins but it's so motivating to run with others. I found myself pushing just that extra little and instead of 16 mins as per R3 schedule I ended up in running for 21 mins and now I am not scared of W5 at all. This is complete opposite to what I felt after doing W4R1.I would highly recommend doing your runs with park run if it's nearby/suitable to you.


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14 Replies

  • Well done! Park runs are so much more fun than I ever expected them to be and they just seem to welcome all everyone should try them!

  • I totally agree:-)

  • Thanks for posting Devanski, I'd never heard of park runs before using this site & see there is one not too far from me, definitely will give this a go. I was thinking at my stage (just finished W3) I might not be ready but reading your experience makes me more confident about giving it a go.

  • There are always handful of people who run slowly or even walk all the way so you can awlays do Laura's session and then just walk to complete, but definitely give it a go.

  • Thanks :-) I had a look on the website for my local park run & must admit the list of super fast run-times made me go gulp, might need some more runs under my belt to pluck up the courage, but good to know there may possibly be some fellow snails.

  • Well done Devanski thats a wonderful result when you are only half way through the programme. I was really nervous doing my first Parkrun but today was my 4th and loved every minute of it. The coffee and toasted teacake at the local cafe (late breakfast) was very nice to finish of with too. :)

  • Hey Oldgirl- Thanks, I was telling about you to one of my friends this morning, I said to her if oldgirl can do it then we can do it too , you are such a wonderful inspiration!

  • OOhhh thats why my ears were burning :) I thought it was my brain telling me to go faster!!

    Once you have done a few runs try volunteering for a duty, its great fun, I've done 2 now and get such a lot out of it, When I arrived this morning loads of people spoke to me and said "Ah good to see you running this morning" it was lovely. Most people hang about until the last one crosses the line they always cheer and clap cos they really are a friendly bunch.

  • I'd love to do a parkrun, however, our local one is renowned for being a hard course with a stinker of a hill that you have to do 3 times.... As I've so far managed to totally avoid hills, I'm not sure if I'm ready for it at this point! Well done you!

  • Go and try it outwith the Parkrun's usual time, perhaps a Sunday morning, it will let you see how you cope with the dreaded up!! You can do it Tantrumbean I know you can. :)

  • Morning???? What's one of them??? I only see them when I'm on my way home after a nightshift! ;-) However - here is a review of our local one written by a parkrun tourist who confirms the hill is indeed EVIL!!!

  • Hi Devanski. I've just registered for parkrun, although I'm only starting week 3 tomorrow (I like to be prepared!). Did you do your lap 'officially' or did you just trot along behind the participants? Were the organisers happy for you to do this, whichever it was? I like the idea of giving a lap a go, whilst I'm doing c25k. It will give me a better idea of what I'm aiming towards.

  • Hi Legion- you probably know this, but you need to register on parkrun website to get a barcode, which you hand it over to parkrun volunteers after going through finish line to get your time. But don't go through finish line if you have done just one lap because that will affect the score for you/others. Parkrun volunteers are very very friendly and they won't mind at all , give it a go and let me know how it went. Good luck -I am so pleased for you:-)

  • Legion- forgot to say there were atleast 10 of us out of 80 people who just did one lap. I was very slow so I was running on my own. The course had few turns and on each turning corenr there were volunteers to cheer me up so I did not feel so stupid for being so slow.

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