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Getting back after a short illness


I have come down with a respiratory tract infection, it is now 8 days since my last run and I still have a horrible cough. Realistically I’m hoping to run again on Friday. I should be on run 2 of week 7 but should I go back a bit? Am so frustrated as was loving this and am dying to run but I do know I will get back into it. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this and has any tips how to get back to it? Thanks guys! Hope you’ve all bn running well and happy 😊

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Flipping illness! If you feel up to it, pick up from your previous run and go SLOW - this isn’t about personal bests or distances - this is getting back into your stride - good luck!

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Thank you 😊


Unless that cough has gone... don't run! Just head out on the next run...listen to your body and take note!

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