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3 weeks off due to illness - advice on how to get back into it?

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Hi everyone,

I was so excited to have graduated from C25K and I continued running 3 times a week (with varied success to be honest, but that was probably because I got a bit overconfident and started trying to do too much!), but then the dreaded lurgy hit (thanks kids!) and now I have had 3 weeks off, no exercise at all, and definitely no 5k runs! I am finally feeling 95% again and so want (need!) to get back into it - any advice from others as to how to do it? Should I start with say 10 minute intervals, or trust that 3 weeks off isn't actually that much (although given the overall program was only 9 weeks to begin with, 3 weeks is a pretty long time!). So frustrated that all my hard work has probably been undone and I am back, not quite to the beginning, but certainly back to less than 30 minutes / 5km :(

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Glad you're feeling better. Maybe go out with the idea of doing 15 minutes and see how you get on - if you feel ok at 15 mins keep going but stop while you still have some energy. Enjoy.

I know how you feel. Have a cold virus for the last 2 weeks and can’t shake it. Stopped me doing my routine of exercise.

I guess the best advice is to get back into it gradually. Once your 100% it won’t take you long to get up to speed again.


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Slow and steady Irishprincess jogettes.... that is how.. slow and steady.. maybe start with some walks and a few running intervals.. then build back gently.. you will be amazed how quickly it will all come back :)

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PS Glad you are better now:)

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It is said that you only lose discernible condition after a fortnight away from running, so you may surprise yourself.

I can't remember how long ago you graduated, because obviously if you have months of running on your legs, rather than weeks, you will probably be able to manage more.

Just see what you can do.......nice and slowly.

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