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Rain run or not....

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Week 8 tomorrow -I'm in Central London this week, looks like it will p it down in the morning.

So if I run in my usual kit, leggings, long sleeve running top... Will I be miserable? And more importantly, will my shoes be dry enough on Friday for my next run and to pack in my bag for home...

Alternatives - run after work, but it's likely to be a late one and I'm likely to be tired. And it will be busier with folk wandering about. Try the hotel gym, but I only have outdoor trainers with me.

What would you do??

You're going to say I'm overthinking it aren't you.

7 Replies

Run in the rain and stuff your trainers with newspaper when you’re done. I bet you won’t even notice it when you’re out in it ☔️


I'm going to say just go out and do it . I always say once you're wet you're wet right. Theres something great about running in the rain , I can't explain why. One thing that is good and keeps the rain out your eyes is a baseball cap .

Don't worry about your trainers once your finished stuff them with newspaper or kitchen roll and place them underneath a radiator , they dry out nicely. Good luck 😊


No you won't be miserable, you'll love it.

Get out there and do it. You know you want to :-)


Rain running is quite exhilarating, try it and see how you get on 😁


Yaay, thanks - I did it :-@

Worst part was walking cool down with squelchy toes after a misjudged puddle...

Otherwise all good & can feel smug at work today

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Yay... good for you. No excuses now. You'll be out in all weathers 😉


Run anyway, I only hesitate in strong wind and rain. I would like to suggest a golfing visor if you don't like rain in your face or if you wear glasses. I also use a waterproof cycling jacket. It takes a while to decide what works for you in all conditions.

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