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First run - It had to rain

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So woke up all excited to start my couch to 5k journey then saw that it was raining! Didn't stop me though. Decided to start from week 2 as I have been running on the treadmill on off for a while so felt okay to skip the first week at least.

Very glad I didn't skip to week 3, I had forgotten how different it is running outside compared to a treadmill. All done now, felt good to be running outdoors again, even if it was freezing and wet xD

Looking forward to the next run!

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Well done Brookes, takes commitment to get out on days like this, but good when you are out there. Best of luck with the programme and keep us informed!


Well done Brookesey.

I had my second rainy run today and loved it. Granted it wasn't exactly sheeting it down but the cooling effect is great.

Yeah I do normally love running in the rain but I hadn't experienced the northern rain until today so its a bit colder then Im use too xD

Ah yes, running in sheeting cold rain. Up there with the joys of running in scorching sun, knifing wind, hammering hail, cloying mugginess, freezing cold etc. But to balance all that, there is the pure unalloyed bliss of running in perfect weather conditions which lifts the spirit on gossamer wings and makes the heart sing in tune with Mother Nature.

Unfortunately you missed that window of opportunity for the Spring season, it was last Tuesday between 7.30 and 10.15. There will be another one on September 8th though.

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Ooh poetic Rignold! But you are so right. We love to complain about the conditions - but love it really!


Well done for getting started! Don't worry, it doesn't always rain!

I don't mind the rain really, Its just im not use to the colder northern rain xD


Luckily I have not had one rainy run yet :) Had some bloody cold and frosty ones.

Maybe it will test my spirit when the rains come :)

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Spoke too bloody soon! Never seen rain like it! I'm wetter than a haddocks bathing costume πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸƒπŸ»

Last time I was this wet was Feb 1988, on HMS Ark Royals Flightdeck (10 hour watch) off the top of Norway. Strange how things like that stick in your mind. I think they used to call it life in a blue suit!

My wife just calls me mad now πŸ˜„


Well done on getting out there. I have been quite lucky really, it has rained whilst I have been out but only once has it been raining before I went out - sadly I chickened out, but it was sleeting and blowing a gale. :) . I live in North Wales so it is always windy. We seem to have all 4 seasons (plus some more I think) every day :) .

If you can motivate yourself to go out in the rain this should be a breeze. Enjoy your self and don't run too fast. :)

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From N Wales (Deeside) origionally, I feel your pain πŸ˜‰


I've always thought Week 1 is the hardest... in fact I tried it again after graduating and failed.


Well done...and running outside is the best, enjoy it :)


Well done for getting started. The weather forecast will become your friend so you can pick the best times for runs. Yesterday I targeted a 90 minute gap between two weather fronts and was so glad I had as the second one brought hail with it. it's a great programme, hope you enjoy it.

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