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A run in the rain - W3R2

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Miserable day on the West Coast of Scotland (no surprises there!) Waterproof clothing on and I've completed my second run of week 3 😁 Slowed down from last time and this was definitely a more enjoyable run, I also think I prefer to run in the rain?! Anyone else as crazy as me? πŸ€ͺ

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congratulations on getting this far. well, if you live in Scotland I suppose its a good job you like the rain!!

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C25Kate in reply to Hidden

Thank you! Haha yes, definitely a bonus I like the rain β˜”

Nice job keep going i did run in the snow as well maybe I’m more crazy than you Keep going 😊

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C25Kate in reply to Stefan01

Well we have snow expected next week so we may be on the same level of crazy! Thank you 😊

Well done you! However you are a tad insane. It was gorgeous and sunny in Wales today. Loved my second run.

Thank you and Well done on your second run! Send some sunshine up here β˜€οΈ

With you on this one! Finding with the clock change and sunny weather and daylight it's just not the same as the amazing fog, rain and wind runs I've had! Also means loads more people are milling about on my route which puts me off! Not looking forward to the summer heat!

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C25Kate in reply to SlowStarting

So true! Might need to start planning my runs for early morning or later at night when it's back to being quiet and cool haha!

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SlowStarting in reply to C25Kate

Went out at 8pm tonight, was a bit quieter but means a late dinner! Always want to eat less after a 'run' so not a bad thing anyway perhaps!

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C25Kate in reply to SlowStarting

I too feel like my appetite is less after a 'run' which is surprising since I thought my body would be craving food to replace the energy lost, losing weight on the scales though so not complaining!

6am starts?!

Might try 7:30am πŸ€ͺ

Crazy woman! I'll be expecting pictures of the sun rise next..πŸ˜€

Haha watch this space! β›…


I also ran in the rain today (Quebec, Canada) it is my second week, and I was not dressed properly, but was still impressed of how much I enjoyed running in the rain.

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C25Kate in reply to JulieLudo

Wow, you're far away! Glad there's people who like running in the rain and it's not just me 😊

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