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Couch to 5k beginner today, very nervous, am I to fat to run? 😬


Hi everyone, not sure how this community works but I’m starting the couch to 5k today and I’m just looking for supports and others experience of it helps/works? I’m honestly bigger than I’ve ever been! I just didn’t care in 2019 and binged pretty much all year. I feel so self-conscious and unhealthy, I could sit on my couch and hide from the world forever if I could. Really going to try and change this year but my will power and self discipline is terrible. Has it worked for anyone? Would really appreciate advice x

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You’ve made one of the best decisions you will ever make and yes you can do it! 🙂no matter how much you weigh. Just take it slowly and remember it’s not a race just a light jog where you can still comfortably hold a conversation. It’s difficult for everyone when they start but whenever you struggle just slow right down. Good luck and let us know how to get on 🙂

Worked for a couple of oldies here so i wish you all the best


OMG?! Are you heck as like to fat to run!!! Honestly, believe me when i say that many, many people on here have run whatever they think the negatives might be....and they have overcome them through sheer will power and determination, and so will you..if you stick to the plan your life will change and you won’t recognise are in for some surprises , not every run will be good but you just pick yourself up, dust yourself down and do the run again...and i must say that you have definitely come to the right place for support, pats on the back and inspiration, which, after a few weeks you will be dishing out yourself i’m sure...good luck with the programme...take each run slow and steady and you will nail it ...have a look at this link

...I echo what others have said, I felt the same as you a few months ago and still have times when I doubt myself and wondering what others think...Two things that particularly help me is challenging myself when I have thoughts of self doubt...sounds a bit odd as I write, but basically phrases like 'I can do this', 'just do it' and most importantly...I am worth investing in ME! As my mother always used to say, if you don't believe in yourself no one else will! The other thing (recently reinforced by FAQ)...there is no such thing as 'too slow' so put that out of your head now! Good luck and remember there is lots of support and information out there to keep you going :-)


Welcome to the forum and well done

on your decision.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Only one person can make you change your life and only one person is going to stop can do this.

Enjoy your journey.


That really depends on what your weight is, compared to your height. My advice on here has previously been that Couch to 5k should NOT be attempted if you're clinically obese - your knees, feet etc and heart won't thank you. You're best off losing some weight before starting - and taking some advice from a GP.

HOWEVER! If you're not in that situation and just a bit overweight... then off you go! But please do read the link above in IannodaTruffe 's excellent guide.

A healthy middle ground may be to to the whole 9 week program as a fast-walking program (so do very fast walking for all the 'running' bits) and *then* do another 9 weeks but this actually jog the running bits as per the normal program.

And as always, have a look a look on YouTube for Japanese Slow Running as per DiscoRunner :-)

Good luck!



It’s always a worry at the start- am I too this, that or the other. But the answer is no you’re not! Take it snail slow and then slow down - trust me you can always slow down a bit more! I did! Stay well hydrated all the time and if you feel like an extra rest day, take it. I quite often had 2 days between runs and still do. If you don’t quite complete a run, put it down as a practice run and repeat it another day. Remember there’s no such thing as fail here - the only run you fail is the one you don’t do! And let us know how you get on, that’s really important because it’s here that you’ll get all the support and help that you need. No question too daft - we’ve all been there! You can do this Yo-yo-d!

Welcome to the club YYD! As Mummycav says above, you have come to the right place by joining this wonderful community, they are a very helpful & supportive bunch. All I can say is stick with the plan but do it at your own pace. Before I started I simply expected that in 9 weeks time I would be able to tun 5K. As soon as I had my first attempt at Week 1 Run 1 I realised that it wasn't going to be that easy. I am determined that I will finish the course, but know it'll take me longer than 9 weeks and I also know that I'll not have covered 5k even when I've finally run for 30 minutes. Speed and distance can come later. Take it slow (and then slow down some more) and listed to your body. Aches are expected, but pain is a no no. Drink plenty of water on running days & rest days, oh, regarding rest days, it is essential that you have at least 1 between each run, your muscled will need that time to repair & build after the new work you've been making them do! Good luck with your progress and please post regularly on here to let us know how you're getting on.


I can see by your username that you're in the same place I used to be in.

Firstly, you're definitely not too fat to run, take a look at Japanese slow running on YouTube.

Secondly, running in itself isn't the answer. There is a saying, you can't outrun a poor diet, and I'm afraid it's true. I lost nearly 3 stone by cutting out processed carbs (including alcohol), and going on a plant based diet (the DASH diet for hypertension got me started). It wasn't easy, but I had seen a friend and two relatives become desperately Ill due to their diet and that spurred me on.

I didn't start running until last year, after the weight had gone. The good news is - no more yoyo dieting; running seems to keep my weight in check. Also, it makes me feel so positive, anything is possible!

Good luck with your journey 👍


It’s worked for me. I was overweight when I started and with changes in diet and c25k I have got down to a healthy bmi. Stick with it and you will be surprised at how you’re body adapts to the change. Take it slow, keep week hydrated and always make sure you have at least 1 rest day in between your run . Good luck


I was once a yo-yo dieter, and am still about a stone overweight, but stable since I stopped fretting about it. I think if you so slowly you will be fine. Rather than “diet”, just try to make healthy choices when preparing meals, and the odd little treat won’t hurt.

The other good thing about this plan is the way it helps mentally, making you feel good about yourself - you get a real sense of achievement you get as you go along. This also helps with the approach to food.

Give it a go, but take it really slowly, as most of us do 👍😁


Welcome ! Yes, you can do this and you will be fitter and more toned for it but if you want to lose weight, make sure you’re also following a sensible healthy eating plan. I’m carrying an extra person in fat (I call it Ethel) and I’m on my second time through. Take it slow and steady. If it hurts, slow down. If you don’t conquer a run first time, just repeat it and build up your progress and stamina until you do. Have fun out there, and remember we’re all right here cheering you on x

It will really help that you have a good reason for doing the couch to 5k, I started doing this because of a rare medical condition, when I’m struggling I think about why I’m doing it and thats the thing that makes me carry on to the end. I’ve recently changed my route to the woods and find because I have to concentrate on where I’m putting my feet it takes my mind off how long I’ve got left. I’m not overweight but I have been struggling a bit with my knees so might be a good idea to check with your gp first. Like others have said you could walk in the fast walk bits and fast walk instead of the jogging. Hope that helps and good luck.xx

hi glad to see your going for it.... im 52 and 5 stone overweight and finaly decided to do something about it. ive just completed my week 1 run 3. it was a struggle but I must admit I feel better in myself .

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