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5th January - One Year Anniversary !


Today is my one year anniversary !

I started C25K on the 5th January 2019 and didn’t think the following:

1. I could do it !

2. I would finish the course

3. I would enjoy it

4. Would change my life forever

Well I can say that it has done all the above (apart from No 3 sometimes) as I still don’t enjoy it at the time but the feeling afterwards is what I hang onto.

I had the big 50 birthday recently and a health check at work and am at my fittest, I changed my food intake (although still have cake) that will never change.

I have completed Race at your Pace challenges, run 10K (after following Ju-Ju’s plan) and also a few charity races (for PC Andrew Harper and Miles for Mind) and run at least twice/three times a week.

Had the pleasure of getting to know all my virtual running friends on here who have motivated me to keep going, given me great advice and basically been there for support when required.

So a huge “thank you” to you all and couldn’t of done this without you 🏃‍♀️

You can do this even if you think you can’t !

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Happy runiversary! 🎉🎉🎉

RunRunRun13Graduate in reply to Jogunlikely

Thank you x

Happy anniversary! It sounds like you achieved some fantastic things in a year.

RunRunRun13Graduate in reply to agirlinwinter

Thank you ! It doesn’t sink in until you write it all down and think what a difference a year makes.


Happy runniversary!! I’ll be celebrating mine on the 25th, hoping to have the bursitis sorted out n be back to it by then, I haven’t run since early December 😭

Are you doing anything to mark the occasion?

RunRunRun13Graduate in reply to SeeJillRun

Hi Jill, sorry to hear that you haven’t ran since Dec but hopefully you can get back to it soon.

Fingers crossed you can run by the 25th

Not doing anything to mark the occasion but had a nice long hike with the dog and homemade toad in the hole tonight ! Such a party animal 🥳

SeeJillRunGraduate in reply to RunRunRun13

Thanks, it’s on the mend after lots of strengthening exercises, just need to see how it copes with the running in a week or so

A long hike and toad in the hole sounds lovely to me 😁


Happy Runniversary. 👍🎉 Lovely testament there to the unexpected power of running. 😊 It does so much for so many. Happy continued running.

RunRunRun13Graduate in reply to Granspeed

Thank you x


Well done. Happy Runicersary!

RunRunRun13Graduate in reply to Chris141

Thank you Chris



Nice to see you on here. Our timescales were identical and we completed the programme at the same time offering each other lots of support.

Great to hear you did the 10k! I did one 10k but it was a bit much for me and I’m much more comfortable sticking around 5k. However I will do the Manchester 10k again with my colleagues in May again 🙈🙈.

I’m running around 3 times a week still and like you don’t really enjoy it but enjoy the sense of empowerment and the sense of achievement it brings.

Hope you had a lovely birthday 🎂 So nice to hear you are still doing great and thanks for the reminder that it’s been a year since I also started to!!


RunRunRun13Graduate in reply to Kimbov

So lovely to hear from you and your runniversary soon too which is amazing. I’m not sure where that year has gone to be honest.

I agree with doing 10K once as I don’t really enjoy it either but least we can say we have done it.

Good luck for Manchester in May !

Health benefits for body and mind keep us getting out there - so hopefully we continue to get fitter in 2020 🏃‍♀️


Congratulations on your running anniversary. Here's to the next year 😊👏

RunRunRun13Graduate in reply to Buddy34

Thank you x

Buddy34Graduate in reply to RunRunRun13

Oh I forgot Happy Birthday 🎂🎂🎂

RunRunRun13Graduate in reply to Buddy34

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes 🍰


Happy runniversary 🥳

I still regularly use your running playlist 😀

RunRunRun13Graduate in reply to Alissum

Thank you and so glad your still using the playlist...I always use it on my runs, so many on there so never know what’s going to be next apart from a song a long or cheesy pop 🤦🏼‍♀️ 🎧

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