New joggers? Hope this helps?... You can do this.....really you can!!!!!

I am a 40+ bloke who has never exercised since my mid 20's. I was 23 stone at week one and I am just about to start week 7, 4 stone lighter and loving every minute of getting up at 5am and jogging/waddling through the programme like fat blokes do!!!

In addition to this programme i am also walking up and down hills getting tired and sweaty! For an hour, 4 days per week, as i am determined to reach my target weight.

I found it painful at first but it does get easier after you persevere with Laura. Just stick with Laura and she will get you through it...I promise you, i was really sceptical at first but after week two i started to really get into the programme. I had to repeat the third run at week 5 as I wasn't able to run the full 20minutes, first time around, (18 minutes and i needed oxygen and st. Johns ambulance behind me on my 5 minute warm down on my first attempt!!!) only joking!!! on the second attempt I managed it. The sense of my achievement was immense. If someone had told me that 7 weeks ago I could run for 25 minutes 7 weeks ago, I would have had them committed to an asylum!!

I was and still am extremely self conscious running, however now I think what the hell, I'm doing this for me and it's worked. This is a great initiative, i just wished that I had found this sooner and had the self belief to do something about my excess tonnage sooner!! If you are an exercise phobic then please just take a fat blokes advice, keep at it, keep going even when you think your heart has dropped out of your chest on week 1!, stick with the plan, eat and drink sensibly IT REALLY DOES WORK!!

Cheers Laura only two more weeks to the start of my new life as a not so fat bloke! I will blog again if I don't die before week 9! Best of luck.


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16 Replies

  • ahhhh, this is fantastic & very inspiring for those about to join in. enjoy the rest of your running career :) it sounds as if you are really enjoying yourself. do you have any plans for when you finish? only another few weeks to go. woohoo. X

  • Thanks for your response, the answer to your question is yes! I am going to be committed to a psychiatric ward for treatment!

    Seriously though, I hope to continue to get generally fitter and run like the people I see in the streets everyday,running with flair and ease. I just wish to be able to run easier and faster, my friends keep telling me that this will come once my fitness levels and endurance levels increase. One thing is for sure though, i am never going to be a fat bloke again!! I have blogged a question also tonight if Laura or another initiative was available for me to continue...

  • Congratulations. Best of luck! You make me feel like I can do it too...I also weigh more than I should, so seeing that it's worked for someone else inspires me.

  • This is great to hear, well done to you :) It just shows that if you have the will power you can do it. I hope you go from strength to strength after you complete the programme.

  • That is fantastic well done! :)

    I'm only on week 2 but I love it - like you, I also want to run like the 'people in the streets running with flair and ease' they are my inspiration.

    Also congrats on the weight loss :)

  • lovely post - well done :)

  • That's brilliant, well done. Perhaps we should put a thumbs up to the people we seeing struggling along jogging. They might be one of us needing a little bit of extra encouragement. You are an inspiration to anyone finding there way to this site.

  • I am totally amazed at the response I have had since I blogged my thoughts and situation. I had never thought I would get one response let alone 14!!! Thanks to all of you so much that have taken the time to respond to my blog with your best wishes and advice and also to those who have answered my questions.

  • well done!!!

  • This is so inspiring.I am wondering if I am fit enough to start but you have certainly helped me make my mind up to give it a go. If I cant manage the first week very well I just stick with it until I improve. I am worried what people will think of me too but you said you go out at 5am. Perhaps I should try that. At least it is light now. Wishing you the best on your continued journey...

  • Good evening ally wally

    I know what you are thinking to yourself and are going through. Going out early really vitalises my self esteem and gets me focused for the day, I started off completing the plan after my working day and I found it a chore. I then read a blog on this site who suggested to try and run before work..... So i did and havent looked back you do have good and bad runs, however you have still exercised! Just repeat the podcast again if you do not quite manage the run or walk. It does give you a real self sense of worth when you manage your run. Believe me there is no shame on your part. You have realised that you are not happy with the way you are now and you are about to do something absolutely positive and fantastic about it. Please do give this initiative a try. It really does work, if you cant manage the runs first time out, make it your mission to do a little bit at a time and try to pace yourself. Don't worry about what you look like when you are running either....just think about what you are going to look like in a size 8 or 30 if you're a chap!!!! I run early in the morning 1, because I haven't the time in the evenings, 2, there's less traffic and people around watching me waddle!!! 3, it gives me a real buzz for the day when I complete the run with Laura's timing updates. If you cant manage the run or a particular seasion try power walking it, to get you out of breath and then build up to the run in stages. Believe me if I can do it you can....I promise you you will be fine, just have the drive to get up and make your life just that little bit healthier. Please keep letting me know how you are doing, remember two months ago I was where you are. Happy running and all the very best in achieving your goals.

  • Thank you for your support and kind advice.

    I actually shut myself off and completed the run on the treadmill last night. It was hard but not too bad.I thought I wouldnt be able to walk today but I could. Today has ben the rest day so I will give it another go tomorrow. I never thought I could run (jog) for 8 mins... even though it is on and off. I did sweat so I know that my metabolic rate will increase... eventually

  • Your blog is so encouraging. Not sure what your target weight is but I do wish you every success in reaching it. Well done for making such a positive start and thank you for sharing your experiences with the rest of us who may be waddling in your footsteps.

  • This is my first visit to this forum, so my first post also - I am truly inspired and encouraged by all of you and with all your comments! I have always been overweight and through no-ones fault but my own, have found it too easy to have excuses not to excersise. Catch 22 whereby I have been miserable being overweight so taken to comfort eating. You never see it creeping on round the problem areas do you until one day you look in the mirror and think 'where did that blubber come from?!!' I have for a number of years now admired my sister who is a runner for both her own 'hobby' and also to run the numerous 10ks and GNRs over the years. Having thought I could never do anything like that I have now got to WK2 R2 on C25K and I am completely shocked at how much I am really really enjoying it - despite feeling like I am going to die at the end of the last 4 runs. I can feel a slight difference already which I'm sure will only improve as time goes on. I know this is a cliche but believe me if I can do it, anyone can. I have also just started to write my list of things / challenges to do before I am 40 and I have 2 years to do them all. One of the challenges is to do a 10k run alongside my sister. I want to make her as proud of me as I am of her :) My immediate challenge is to not be so self consious about my weight on my summer holiday this year. If I can do this, it will be the first time in years! 11weeks to lose more weight so no pressure then lol.

    This forum make me realise I am not alone at all in my quest - I am glad I'm in good company when I can't breath and feel ready to collapse!

    Good luck to you all in your remaining weeks of the C25K. :) I can't wait for my post that reads - Yes I've done it!!!

  • Wow - I found this forum completely by accident - I have just finished w3r3 today and I really really struggled, my diet has been naff this week and am feeling frustrated with myself, I then realised that running for 3 minutes is an achievement in itself but I'd set the treadmill incline to 1.0, and I remember seeing that I's climbed 24metres!!! No wonder I struggled and had a 10 second rest on the first and 2nd 3min run.

    I'm hoping the incline made the run that bit more difficult and I'm not just kidding myself.

    I'm due to commence W4R1 on Sunday and to be honest am dreading it.

    I've lost no weight but do feel better - I was expecting the body of a goddess by now, but alas!

    I am confused with what food I should be eating before or after a run, or is normal diet ok??

  • What an inspiration you are. I wish you the very best.

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