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Can you help?

I was told to let my fat pads rest and recover after running for six months as a weighty fat bloke and completing with Laura. After taking advice from my GP and a they said to rest until completely recovered and follow the RICE technique, I haven't run again since (two months ago). My knees feel a little sore but they and I are itching to get out again and try however with a lot of hesitancy. I'm about to undertake a fitness test in October for the forces and I need to get back into it but unsure how to approach it? I still have the Drs.words reiterating in my subconscious not to go back to early or you will do more damage to both knees.

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is it possible for you to get on a bike instead of directly on your feet? that would keep the stamina up until the knees are really up to it again.

I had to take a month out because of a sore knee & used the cross-trainer & exercise bike in the gym. when I did try running again I made sure I strapped up my knee with one of those stretchy bandage things. it went right from calf to mid-thigh to make sure my knee wasnt going anywhere :)

good luck & double good luck with your fitness test in october. x


As shellymcb says, there are other things you can do to increase stamina and save wear and tear on your knees. How about swimming in addition to cycling? But if you are really anxious to try out a run can you use a gym teadmill? If you put it on a shallow incline it will help your knees and a treadmill absorbs impact better than outdoor running. Also, don't forget the power of a brisk walk for building stamina- fast enough to be just less than a trot and if that goes well, then jog just a little faster than the walk.


How about finding a personal trainer if you can afford it? I don't feel qualified enough to answer your question but wish you the best of luck xx


As the others said, it may be easier to swim or cycle before returning to running. Swimming is particularly good as it has no impact, but if you have dodgy knees avoid too much breaststroke as that can put a twisting pressure on the knees.

In response to happierswimming's comment about using a treadmill, they do absorb more impact but the incredibly flat surface means that any impact will be the same each stride and that can be cumulatively worse than running outside where the changes in surface can alter the impact.

Good luck and I hope you feel able to get back to things soon.


I posted a reply earlier but it seems to have vanished !

Can you go back to your GP to see how he feels about you starting to run again ? Or, if you can, how about a visit to a sports therapist, who will actually want to help you get back into running - the doctor may be more likely err on the side of caution.

If you aren't ready to try running yet then the suggestions above are all good, cross-training and cycling will help with fitness but without putting impact on your knees. When you can start running again, you might want to start part way through the C25K again or even at the beginning. Alternatively, you could try one of Jeff Galloways run/walk programs as one of his priorities is to reduce the risk of injury so you can go further and for longer. He has written lots of books about running but there is also a website with training plans - that might be worth a look. You might want to strap your knees for extra support.

Good luck :-)


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