Couch to 5K

Don't do this at home

I skipped a run midweek, had fish and chips last night, washed down with beer and followed by ice-cream. Then I ran a Parkrun PB this morning, 26:13. Madness!

Of course, that't not the entire story. I faithfully followed the C25K programme and I've really been pushing myself since week 7. It was a small fish and chips and 3 small beers plus a small scoop of ice-cream. The midweek run was only skipped due to sore knees and I've been eating a lot more healthily for weeks. Just goes to show that if you stick at it then it's okay to ease off a bit sometimes. .

Good luck if you're running this weekend. Onward and upward.

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Haha! Well done on PB. There is something in the fact that the programme develops a certain level of fitness which allows for a wee bit easing up now and again. I ran this morning for first time in over 2 weeks and was dreading it but once I got out there I felt great. Keep enjoying life - a few beers/fish &chips (for me it's wine and chocolate!) are well-deserved treats!


Bloomin heck that time is AMAAAAAZING! Well done Michael. Incredible. AND after a ton of saturated fat, calorifically loaded grub! You DYNAMO you!

Well jel.


Fantastic time. Really well done. Must try your diet to see if I could do that time! Yeah in my dreams.


Wow, I would love your diet and your times. Green eyed monster here! But well done


well done thats a fab time...I can honestly say every one of my PB's has been on a hardcore hangover...not good, but a great cure too. You are right, every run we do contributes to our overall ability in the bank of running!!


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