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Week 8 completed, difficult run today


Didn’t sleep very because of naughty cat issues.... woke up, looked outside to wind and rain...

Made a decision not to drive 8 miles to the gym but to carry on with outside running.

It was so hard, wind blowing, rain, wet leaves and of course the gremlins..but I did it and I’m really chuffed

Main issue is that I wrapped up to keep dry and overheated so came home looking and feeling like a roasted beetroot despite taking off gloves and hat en route

Any tips for bad weather running?

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Great you've now completed wk8. Weather is a bit rubbish but you get used to running in it.

Today I just ran in a long sleeve top and just got wet because like you say the more you put on the hotter you get.

Once you're wet you're wet right.

Well done you 😊😊

RunningdumplingGraduate in reply to Buddy34

Thanks for the advice, my concern is getting too cold during the walk before I start running, but I’m going to drop the fleece next time

Thanks for support


I had same issue when I wore my long sleeve top under fleece under waterproof light bike jacket. I've decided to cut out the long sleeve top. It's good incentive to keep running isn't it? I'll let you know how it works in this squally weather. I'm keeping the fleece mind.

RunningdumplingGraduate in reply to parktrotter

Yes I had thermal leggings, a t shirt, a long sleeved fleece and then a climate control waterproof, hat and gloves

Maybe take off fleece and replace with thin long sleeved top instead

Or maybe I’m just burning off calories????

parktrotterGraduate in reply to Runningdumpling

yep, come to think of it in week 8 you're running a lot more than me...


following reading up on this,seems you have to dress for 10 degs below. eg 12 deg outside,then dress for 2deg.

trial and error but seems to work.

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