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What to wear for runs in cold weather?


I usually overheat easily and so far I managed to get away with a T-shirt and knee-long leggings. Alas, today's run proved that it is getting a bit too cold even for me 😁

What clothes do you wear for a run when it gets cold?

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If you go on my profile I posted a clothing / layers guide recently which should help you 😊

anijusiaGraduate in reply to Rhedeg2019

Oh this is brilliant 🤩 thank you a lot 👏😁


I still wear the bottoms you wear, but on the top I wear these they are great


JosterGraduate in reply to Buddy34

Do you have a long sleeve base layer under that out of interest? Thanks.

Buddy34Graduate in reply to Joster

No I just wear that on its own . It's kind of cosy on the inside


I have bought 2 of these. They’re great.



I think it depends on how long you are going to be out for...


I started last winter so I had plenty of practice! Mainly I found that except for the base layer, all the tops needed a front zip. Then they can be adjusted easily as I go. Lots of things affect my temperature as I run on field paths and tracks as well as roads. A headwind can be really chilling, then I turn a corner and I’m hot. 🥵


Layers that you can take off & tie round your waist! 😄

I have a light, breathable wind proof / waterproof jacket then choose t- shirts with no/ short/ long sleeves beneath. I have thicker & thinner full length leggings to choose from too.

I aim to feel a bit chilly during the warm up walk so running is about right, with the option of taking off my jacket. 😄

Sook2Graduate in reply to Elfe5

Yes, very sensible!


Gym clothes and I always wear wrist warmers. They seem to heat up your whole system! And an ancient cast off hoodie from my son. Am in a frugal phase where I'm not spending on new if old is fine. That feels good too.

I wear joggers & a T shirt with a zip up waterproof cycling jacket on top. I also start out with a hat & gloves as I don't want to get a chill. As I warm up the hat comes off, followed by the gloves, then I can un -zip the jacket to let out even more heat as & when necessary. I hope this helps.


If it is below zero, I'll pop a short sleeved cotton t shirt on top of my long sleeved cotton t shirt. That's it (I'm in full length leggings unless it is very warm, my calves are better covered)... in my experience it is attention to the extremities which is key - hands, ears, neck and whatever you choose needs to be light and easy to whip off.

I think I may never have not regretted wearing any kind of extra top, rainjacket whatever. Yesterday I was out on Stanton Moor which can be a bit nippy (and was) For a variety of reasons, including it being busy up there and towing a blind and partly deaf dog behind me, I did put on a windproof cycling jacket yesterday after taking my thick polo neck jumper off and initially (dog sniffing around stage which didn't feel much like a 'warm up' walk) I thought it might be the exception to the rule. The thing is that I often don't realise the problem is that I am wearing too much and am hot, it just feels hard going. The midi length denim skirt I was also still wearing wasn't a problem.


I am extremely prone to overheating! Normally I wear shorts (yay pockets!) and when it is cold, add leggings underneath and swap my sleveless tops for hiking breathable base layer type ones with short or long sleeves depending on the weather - but after Tuesday morning's run (which was freezing) I think I need to get some gloves, and possibly if it gets colder add a t-shirt over the base layer! :)


I already had quite a few long sleeved berghaus walking base layers that are just as good for running. I quite like long sleeves because it's easy to roll them up.

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