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Self Improvement Required

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I completed couch to 5k approximately 2monrhs ago. I try to go out running for 30mins every other day, and certainly go out at least twice a week. My issue is, I was hoping to be able to go further and would love to be able to manage 10k, but feel frustrated that 30mins is still a real effort. Any tips on expanding my distance, and/or my speed, as I feel I am quite slow would be greatly appreciated.

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Why do you think you are slow? It's only slow if you have a bus to catch and you are running late. When I started ju Ju's 10k plan 3 weeks ago I slowed right down so that I could run for longer times. Try it - you can go further with a little less speed. Tge plan also mixes up your distances so you aren't always going flat out for 30 min. Short faster run followed by long slower runs if you like. Hope that gives a bit of food for thought. Happy running


Have you read the guide to post C25K running? which gives some options for going either further or faster.

As Grannytobe says, you need to pace yourself to run for a greater duration.

Just increase one run per week by an amount within the 10% rule and lo be behold you will find yourself covering more ground in a very short time.

Create some weekly targets to achieve and you will build stamina, distance and speed slowly and surely.

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I thought 30 minutes was my limit and then thought well I won't know until I try and I've added on little amounts on 1 run per week . I've now managed 7k . Don't know when I will reach 10k but I'm in no rush and it can take as long as it takes .

I have to constantly tell myself to slow down to run longer and its beginning to work.

You are out and running and that's what's important. Be happy and just enjoy running. 😊😊😊


Hey hun, sounds like you’ve made some amazing achievements so far. You should be feeling so proud. To get to the 10k distance I’ve slowed down by about a minute each km if not a little more. Slow is good and surprisingly I’ve found it more enjoyable 🤗

I did parkrun today which is 5km and was shocked I seemed to be able to run it quicker than before.

Have fun with whatever you choose to do. Happy running 🏃‍♀️ xxx


As above for increasing distance.

Maybe try running a 2.5k next and then see if 5k feels easier on the next run.


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