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Bad Knees ☹️ Organising my time🧐W4R2

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Hi all, I’ve not posted on here since the first day I started. But I keep reading up how you’re all doing.

I’m currently on W4R2 and I’m loving it. Although it has taken me since about July to get here. Reasons being time mainly, Three young kids, holiday break, work and general life getting in the way. But I’m not beating my self about it as I know if I keep going I’ll get there. Especially when reading all your positive stories.

My main problem at the moment is my knees. I’ve always had dodgy knees, had an arthroscopy on one about 12 years ago and was told I had arthritis of an 80 year old ! Mmmm I didn’t like news but I knew I had to keep them strong. (my Nan was the same but she didn’t try to keep fit and sat in a chair for 30 years apart from being taken out by others!) I’m 45 now and my bones are beginning to really feel it. I’ve always been active and reasonable fit but with 3 kids I’ve lost my way a little, put on weight , hardly ever go out and do things like kayaking and scrambling- I used to do rock climbing 🧗‍♀️ - all very amateur stuff I might add - just me and a mate having the best fun!!

Anyway I’ll get to my point - my knees ache for about 4 days after the runs now and I hobble around getting off the couch like my Nan used to when she was 70 which gives me a bit of an excuse to procrastinate to run even if I can squeeze in half an hour of time . Oh and I also have plantar fasciitis which wrecks for days after too (doesn’t actually hurt on a run if I do my stretches properly first)

Any tips on organising my time please too would also help. Does everyone have a running drawer with loads of sets of clothes they can run in ? How many pairs of trainers do you have ? Morning runners- do you lay it all out get dressed and creep out of the house early so not to wake anyone? Or do you get washed and all that faff first only to do it all again when you’ve done your run?

Any advice gratefully received ☺️

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Oh dear you are struggling with pain. Poor you. Check with doctor that you are able to run. I know time is a problem but strength and flex will help build up all the support muscles. To fit around busy schedule things like stand on one leg while brushing teeth, raise and lower onto toes while waiting for kettle to boil. Squats against the wall building up slowly, get the children to join in with some of the exercises they'll love it and it becomes a new pastime. Take care and be kind to yourself dont push too far. Oh and try running on grass or treadmill rather than hard surfaces.

Heh thanks for your advice. I’ve been running on the beach since you suggested softer surfaces. Have to drive there but it’s helped loads. A few exercises like you said and I’m improving each run x thanks so much x wk5r 1 today ! Not looking forward to that 20 min leg 🦵!!!

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GrannyhugsGraduate in reply to GettingThere4me

You’ll be. Great, beech running sounds both wonderful and tough. Like you I drive to my run as I stay at the top of a steep hill and am still building towards running up it. enjoy.

Doing knee strengthening exercises as linked to in the guide to the plan and following the advice in the guide about minimising impact can make a considerable difference, but I would echo the advice of Grannyhugs and check with your GP that it is wise for you to be running at all. Her advice about fitting in the exercises is excellent too.

There are a lot of us who clean their teeth standing on one leg.

Do what suits you regarding morning running. I get up, dressed, half a banana and a drink, out the doesn't work for everyone.

Well done on your progress. keep it up.

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GrannyhugsGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you IT

Thanks yes . I’ve got appt with podiatrist but could be a few weeks. I’ve not read anywhere not to run with plantar fascia... and my knees well think they are so weak I need to keep going to strengthen and daily exercise like you said. Thanks so much 😃

No advice on getting organised i’m afraid but i had knee pain for 30 plus’s years and last year saw an orthotics guy who made me some quite expensive insoles to straighten my feet a bit, an unexpected side effect was knee pain gone in three days and never came back, it was most odd

My mum had arthritis of both knees and sat for years also

I suggested to a friend to get insoles as she has that planter thing and within a day she was skipping about. I don’t know if it would make a difference for you but might be worth looking into or at least a gait analysis at a sports shop it might help

Good luck i admire your determination

Hi yes you sound similar to me. I’ve had the insoles from podiatrist for a few years and they’ve helped loads . Think they are getting a snit thin and old so not helping as much now - so I’m going back to get some knew ones hopefully ....

Good point about my gait - yes think I’ll get that done - maybe some new trainers for Christmas 🎄 thanks for your ideas and support x

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