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Starting again, again, again


This is my third attempt at couch to 5k. Fingers crossed this time, twice I got to week 7 and stuffed by chest infection, and non healing fracture. I have been given 10 weeks to loose weight and get my blood pressure down. This has to be for real this time, just hope I can stay motivated. W3R2, really hard in the wind, managed to get out by 7 this morning. Hoping this group wil help with motivation as I get easily fed up. Have set regular running days, trying so hard to do it properly. Fingers crossed.

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The very best of luck to you this time around Tippyrunn 🍀

This forum we really help you with your journey through to the end of C25K and beyond! 🚀

Keep on posting and keep on telling everyone how you're doing!

We're all here to help and inspire ❤️


You will do it this time, because we are waiting at every finish line to cheer you on! 👍🎈

Have your stuff ready to go the night before. Just get up and go. Don’t think too hard.

Plan non food rewards 👑 after you complete each week. Change your playlists 🎶 and your route 🌲 🌳 to keep you motivated. Most of all enjoy the feeling of being out there with a body that’s progressively becoming fitter and healthier 😊

Well done for committing to this again, this time try and work on consistency. I have always found that coming on this forum makes me want to run and you will get great support here :)


After each run take a picture of the app achievement and post it. Send it to us or your loved ones or best friend... it helps.


Third time lucky as they say! The advice, support and friendliness on here is very motivational - look forward to seeing your posts 😁

I love your determination to do the Couch to 5k. This forum is great for motivation, Q&A and generally moral support. Hopefully you are able to complete the course this time. Please don’t give up!

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