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Looking forward to week 2

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Anyone any advise, apart from don’t panic, when you see the run time increase:)

No excercise for me tomorrow as I’m way to busy. Same for Sunday. So will start this all on Monday. I am excited to begin the next part of the running adventure.

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Have faith - and dont panic. The plan really does work. Happy rest days.

Hi! Congratulations on starting C25K and completing week 1. I wouldn’t look forward to the following weeks. I would just press play on the podcast/ app and follow their instructions starting afresh each run. If you do decide to look ahead, just think positively about each one and think ‘I can do this’ as each run before has prepared you for the next. And then make sure you start off slow... and then slow down again. A slow pace is key! You’ll be great. You can do it 💪🏼

Read this healthunlocked.com/couchto5... and believe that you have an amazing body.

You can do this.

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Each run and each week prepares you for the next. Just run like you have been really nice and slow. You'll be amazed how the plan works and enables you to go forward. Relax and enjoy your weekend 😊😊

Mummycav profile image

Hi peskymousie1 ...nope, no panicking...just face it head on...slow and steady...keep your pace and you will have no trouble at all

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Don't panic! Slow down if it gets too much, don't stop. You will find a comfortable pace. Well done for starting! You will be amazed at what you can do!

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Don't focus on "weeks" as you run. Just "be in the moment" and remember every footfall literally brings you further from the Couch, and closer to your running goal.

Relax, relax, relax...I used to unconsciously clench my fists so tightly I had fingernail cuts on my palms :) It's logical to conclude other parts of my body we're also tensed and muscle-locked. When I started equating "Slow" with "Relaxed" my runs became far easier :)

And above all - enjoy your run on at least some level :) You have not been inducted into the French Foreign Legion, you are doing this for you - so don't make it a chore, but a challenging and satisfying accomplishment :)

Wishing you many happy miles in your future :)

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Drink plenty of water through the day to keep you hydrated and run really slowly. If a run doesn’t go quite to plan don’t worry as every run is a step nearer your goal.

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🎈👏Week 1 behind you. My advice is to enjoy your weekend! You deserve it after a momentous week of starting C25K. Never ever fear any future run. Tackle each one, one at a time!!

Drink plenty 💦 on rest and run days. It’s crucial to your success.

The next run week always has a challenge to help you reach your goal but your previous runs have prepared you for it!

Start your run knowing you can do it. Be positive and run slowly. 🐌 look up Japanese slow running over the weekend 😄


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Don’t panic. I did about increasing time but the plan really does work! I have just done week 8 run 1 and am so pleased as never thought I could run for 28 minutes. Just keep going you will do fine.

The plan works stick to it. I never thought I would get through WK1 but Wk9 next so you can do it 💪

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Don’t panic and so what if you fail a run, just try again. Be proud you’re doing something in the first place 👍

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Hi Pesky, I’m having 2 rest days too, and starting W2 on Monday as well. Trying to forget about it over the weekend, but will do some stretching so this old bod doesn’t seize up completely! We can do this 😜

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