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W5R1 Completed ....again :)

After a week off I went out and did W5R1 this morning and managed it okay..i even added an additional minute to run 2 as I know whats coming on W5R2 on Thursday :/

I am rather chuffed with myself as yesterday I did 12 miles on my bike and went out with the attitude I would struggle but "at least i can walk" AND there was a couple of up hills at the run interval as well.

Looking forward to W5R2 now.

Onwards! :D

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Well done! What a week it's been for u already :-)


I have W5R2 planned for tomorrow so am at the same stage as you - same as you, I am slightly 'concerned' about the rise from 5 minutes to 8 minute but then 20 minutes on run 3! What's that all about?!

Well done on getting this far, feels great doesn't it? If anyone had said to me 5 weeks ago that I would be running for this long, I would have sent them off to the funny farm.

Good luck on Thursday :)

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Herbie, I know EXACTLY what you mean...I've even pondered on adding another run (sort of W5 R2.5) and adding another minute to the 8minutes in tomorrows BUT I have complete faith that the programme works and to trust it and today kind of did a slower but longer jog- more like a hoppy sort of run--In my head I imagine i am in ballet shoes but probably look like the hippos out of Fantasia to everyone else lol.

I am pumped though :)

I will look out for your posts after W5 R2 and look forward to hearing how you thrashed it ;)

Sunflower- Thank you. I am pleased with myself, especially as i took a fall on the bike yesterday (black elbow, knee and a bump to head but luckily I had my helmet on and the helmet took the dent) i was worried my knee would hinder me but running/lumbering was okay :D

Good luck!


Wow, well done. I can't wait until I'm there.


Moickle, I have just replied to your W1R1 Post :)

It IS amazing! only 5 weeks ago, i was huffing and puffing for 1 minute. Today, I am jogging for five! still huffing a bit BUT i use my heart rate monitor to monitor my heart rate to STOP myself from going too fast - that sounds silly but with the HRM i can see when I my heart rate is starting to climb a tad high and just ease back enough to slow it down and that helps me keep going .

You will soon be goes soooooo quickly

Good luck x


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