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Ah those were the days


Sorry I've not been here recently. Who are you? I hear you shout!

Received my first copy of Runners World in the post today. I signed up for it pre knackered foot. I'm actually feeling quite low at the moment and I'm sure that is partially because I was really proud of what I was doing. And it was something I was doing just for me. Not the boy or the dog or the boss or the parents. It was something just for me.

Been referred to an orthopaedic surgeon to see what can be done but nowadays even walking the dog is becoming painful. I did a couple of minutes run tonight with the pooch and it felt great before it hurt!

Anyway, positive outlook. Hopefully they'll get it sorted. Even if I have to build up to thirty minutes again I'm determined to do it.

And I do still sneak a look at your posts and you're all amazing!!

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Best wishes for a full recovery soon

Oddity in reply to damienair

Thanks 😁


There are always a bunch of us on the IC and we all want to get running again, so keep looking in on us and we can keep spirits up.

Stay positive.

Oddity in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you. It's quite cosy on the IC!

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Oddity

Yeah, but boring!

Oddity in reply to IannodaTruffe



Hopefully you'll get an appointment soon, your copy of Runners world can lift your spirits if just a wee bit.

As you say fingers crossed they can help and you can get back to running. Good luck 😊🤞🤞

Thank you Buddy. Glad to see you're enjoying parkrun!


Ah it sucks, being injured. You know I feel for you. Hope you get seen soon, and get some positive news. And I hope you can get some comfort and support from how we can see that some of the experienced runners who help out on here have been through periods of injury and come back to it successfully. Take care x

Thanks Jazzy 😁 glad to see you're back to it x

JazzyrunnerGraduate in reply to Oddity

Back to it but definitely still not quite out of the woods. Still treading carefully! x


Hi. Sorry to hear you are feeling low. Hoping you can get back to full power sooner rather than later. And keep posting!

Oddity in reply to Stephen_UK

Thanks Stephen. Not sure I'd ever reached full power 😂 I really do want to get back to it though!

Stephen_UKGraduate in reply to Oddity

You will.


So sorry to hear about how you're feeling at the moment. Hopefully by reading some of our posts, it will keep entertained as well as maintaining your determination to get back out there once you're off the IC.

This forum is full of supportive members who are always there to encourage others whenever needed. Keep on posting and reaching out. Let us know what's going on in Runners World!

Here's to a speedy recovery ❤️

Oddity in reply to AliHC

Thank you 🙂


On my third time round 🎠do keep talking to us we’re all here for each other. Hope you feel better soon. 🐌x

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