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Week 6, Run 1 done - time doesn't fly!

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Hello, well I did week 6, run 1 early yesterday morning. I managed it ok but really needed Michael Johnson's encouragement to spur me on. The weird thing was that the runs - 5, 8 and 5 minutes for this first session - seemed longer than the non-stop 20 minutes of run 3 of week 5. Maybe it was because I left three days in between, or maybe that expensive Rolex that Michael wears in the ads in glossy mags is not working properly. All I know is that when he said I was half way through the 8 minute run, I felt like i'd been running (well, jogging really) for much more than that. Maybe having one day rest day was counter-productive although I did a couple of half hour walks on the rest days. What do others think?

Anyway, run 2 tomorrow so let's see how that goes. Rain predicted in the south east so that will be fun

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Well done.

W6R1 is your longest workout to date.


The first 2 runs of wk6 seem to be tougher as you will see on a lot of people's posts for they runs. Don't worry trust the plan. Well done you 😊😊


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