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How C25K has helped me stop smoking


I started my C25K journey 5 weeks ago and to be honest I never expected to enjoy running at all let alone fall in love with it. My last goal of 2019 was to stop smoking and i had planned to start my stopping in October as I have a busy month with work in Sept where I knew I would find it harder to stop. Roll forward to completing W4R1, I got to the end and something in me realised I didn't need to smoke... I can run to feel good.

I smoked my last cigarette on the 1st Sept, every time i would have bought a packet of baccy I have put the money in a pot to spend on running gear. 12 days in, when I feel stressed through my cravings i look back at my routes and remember how great it felt and I come onto here and read about how happy everyone else feels as they achieve each goal.... that makes me feel good.

Next Tuesday I am away with work, my normal routine once at the hotel would revolve around smoking so i know this is going to be a tough day however I have planned my runs and rest days so that i can run when i get to the hotel and then get through the rest of the evening on my high from running.

This leads me to my first big spend.... using the money I have put away and what would be added to the jar on Monday I have purchased some aftershokz headphones so that when I am running in strange places I can stay as safe as possible and still listen to Laura.

I would NEVER have spent this much money on some headphones that I will wear a few hours a week however that money would have literally gone up in smoke so this seems like a much better use for it.

C25K has truly changed my life and this community helps in so many ways.

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Congratulations on stopping smoking and brilliant that running has helped you. There is a forum like this for people that have stopped smoking are you already a part of this 😊

tiggs1Graduate in reply to Buddy34

Thank you, yes I have joined that too and I am finding it helpful :)

Buddy34Graduate in reply to tiggs1

I came across it just by chance the other day . I wish I had new about it when I stopped it would have been so helpful. Good luck



That stopping smoking will change your life..

Enjoy the running 🏃 😁👍

Brilliant post. Massive congratulations on stopping smoking and very best of luck with the programme. Keep posting so we can encourage you! X


Well done! I gave up last November, and started C25K in December. Reckon I would have saved £2,200 if I hadn’t bought a shed load of running tech - worth every penny! Please please stick to it..... and enjoy all the nice things you can afford now. Good luck


Well done you. I have been fag free for 2 years now and running for 18 months. I am cross with myself that I abused my lungs for 40 years.

Good choice in the AfterShokz.

Keep up the good work.

I'm a smoker (bows head) but I too have naturally felt a decrease in my smoking.

Reading this has totally inspired me. What do you do on your rest days? I find that's when I smoke more.

Well done too. You should be so proud lovely x

tiggs1Graduate in reply to Livealifeyourproudof

thank you :) On my rest days I tend to go for a walk if things get tough or I do core strengthening exercises and knee strengthening exercises at home. This has really helped when I get in from work as my old routine was to come in, make a coffee and go have a smoke so instead I am doing things that are helping with my running.

The after dinner cigarette I have replaced by sitting down and drinking at least 500ml of water, again helping with my running and taking my mind off the smokes.

The niquitin lozenges are helping loads too. If I can do this anyone can as long as they want it bad enough!! :)

Congrats on starting C25K and more importantly on stopping smoking. Huge achievements, well done you.

You will notice significant changes as you go forward and saving to spend as you are foing will bring greater rewards. This is a great forum, so keep us updated and keep up the fantastic work.


Very well done and the best of luck on keeping it up...your body thanks you for it 😊👍. Yes running is really good at keeping you on the straight and narrow, I've stayed at my healthy weight or a couple of pounds less since early this year and my usually high pulse has come down by 10 beats per min too, it feels like what is the use of all this effort if you're not going to take care of your body too. Hope you manage ok on your work trip, and enjoy your headphones, I'm thinking they are my next running treat 😀🏃‍♀️🎉

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