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Best blue tooth headphones for running?


(Sorry, I’m sure this must have been asked plenty of times before, so if there is a helpful thread someone can point me to, please do!)

I was wondering if anyone has any advice / experience to share on some good blue tooth headphones to wear while running? One of my friends swears by AirPods; another friend says they fall out and are a waste of money... I have an iPhone 6, and am getting a bit fed up of the headphone wires!

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Modified Version]Mpow Swift Stereo Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Sport Earphones Running Headphones Headset with Mic Hands-free Calling and AptX for iPhone

Amazon UK

I have these.. they are brilliant and I have strange ears...very small..:)


I love my Jaybird Tarah Pro! It's the only one I've used that doesn't fall out when I run.


The only ones approved by uk athletics are Aftershokz. They’re amazing. You can hear everything else - traffic and convos - so they’re safe.


I cannot stand in ear headphones, so went for the AfterShokz Trekz Titanium. Bit pricey, but I wouldn't be without them!

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+1 for the Trekz Titanium - brilliant kit


Otium Audio from Amazon! About £17 I think! Designed for running great sound quality cheap diffent ear plug sizes to choose from and they normally stay in . I love mine!


I bought Letscom earphones from Amazon, I paid £17 as I wanted the pink/purple ones, although some colours are a wee bit cheaper, if you're not fussed.

I wear glasses, and have a different pair to match each day's outfit, yes I'm even wearing the glasses to coordinate with each day's running outfit. ☺

I was concerned that the over ear band, or whatever it's actually called, might not sit over different frames, but I haven't had a problem, and I've worn at least 6 different pairs so far - plastic, metal, long legs, short, thick, thin, curved, straight...

I'm not suggesting for a minute that anyone else is as sad as me to match their eyewear to their running gear lol, but just pointing out that if you wear glasses, these shouldn't be a hindrance.


Thank you for all the helpful replies - I will check them all out 😊


I have Bose wireless headphones they are the only ones I have ever found that stay in my ears 😊 They are brilliant ..

Noise cancelling headphones are dangerous as you can’t hear cyclists, traffic etc. Get bone conduction ones. Costco’s has Tredz for only £55.


After having to have the silicon cover off the end of headphones removed from my ear by the GP. I use aftershokz I won't be shoving anything in my ears in future. They are really good

I use Aftershokz - they’re amazing. Sound is so clear, they’re very comfortable to wear and you can hear everything around you too. Only ones approved by UK athletics if you want to compete!

Here’s a website


I use some like these, I tried ordinary wired ones and the wires were a nuisance, I also used headphones a couple of times, but they made me hot!

These ones work for me, never fall out, and I can still hear the traffic etc. Cheap as chips too....😁🏃‍♀️


I use Chillitech bone conducting headphones for 2 reasons, they sit over the ear not in it so falling out is not an issue and they don't prevent me from hearing traffic etc.


Thanks for all the recommendations! I’ve just taken my shiny new pair of aftershokz trekz titanium on w2r3.

Love them! But got a bit achy from my temple to my cheekbone. Anyone else find this? Is it just a case of getting used to them?


Can I just follow up on this and ask whether anyone has a good hat and headphone combo? ‘Twas a bit chillier this morning, which set my gaze winterwards ⛄️ Any aftershokz users have a good hat recommendation? Do they work with a buff / hygge band type thing? Thinking of maybe investing...

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I always wear a cap with mine and have no problems. Not sure about over the ear things though. I never wear a hat, no matter how cold it is. I’ve just tried a buff on with them and it just lies on top of the ear bit fine. I imagine a hat would too 👍🏽

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