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Week 1 Run 1...been in the planning for a while

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So, finally, after much dithering, lack of motivation and espousing that I would start this programme again, (I did try 3 years ago but due to my wife having an accident, I used that as a reason not to continue...) I ballooned to 17 1/2 stone and have slowly reduced this to 16 through walking.

Tonight, I've been on my first run, and really it's all down to getting positive encouragement from my sister-in-law yesterday...she said new week, new start, just Do it... so I have... but not before reading more great stories on this site and following the great advice and info.

Looking forward to Wednesday. 👍

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Fantastic, well done and welcome. Look forward to hearing how run 2 goes on Wednesday. 🏃‍♂️

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MaggieCats in reply to Sp81

Thanks... this site is great for support. First steps are often the hardest.

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey.

Thanks Iannoda, it will be an invaluable resource among with this community's support.

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Well done you on starting c25k and your weight loss. C25k is an amazing plan and really does work you'll get lots of encouragement and support on here good luck 😊

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MaggieCats in reply to Buddy34

Thanks Buddy34... it seems daunting, but 9 weeks will soon go by I'm sure.

Well done the first run is the hardest

Thanks Sola56...it certainly took a long time to get round to it. Onwards and onwards... not sure about the upwards yet!

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to MaggieCats

You end up smiling more

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Great job... welcome. Your sister-in-law did well there too!

Enjoy Wednesday and the rest of your journey.

Thanks UnfitNoMore... yes, she's a good motivator...

Great start! That’s the hardest bit over. Just take it nice and slowly. Have a look at Japanese slow jogging on YouTube. I’m sure it will be beneficial to you, especially in the early days. It certainly helped me. Good luck, and keep in contact on here, so we can support you and cheer you on. 😊

Thanks, I've seen the video and it's really helpful to know you do best by starting slow. Support is amazing.

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MuddledGardenerGraduate in reply to MaggieCats

We’re all in it together! 😁

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Well done ! That's the first hurdle over with already, starting is the hardest part.

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Well done! It's often difficult to get started - but you are over that now. Drink plenty of fluids today in readiness for tomorrow's session.

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MaggieCats in reply to 5dogs

Thanks, good advice on the fluids.

Go for it! I was 20 1/2 stone when I started at Easter. I’ve lost about 1 1/2 stone now and I can run 6km. If I can do it anyone can!

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MuddledGardenerGraduate in reply to richfromnotts

Wow!!! 🙌🙌🙌

Fabulous and well done. Keep up the great work.

Well done you the firs run is the hardest but you feel

great after it.I am starting week 2 tomorrow never thought I would achieve this the support on this group is great

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MaggieCats in reply to Firunner

Thanks and totally agree about the support.

Well done! I am just off on my third run of week one - it will make you feel great to get back into running, and you know that, so keep going!

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MaggieCats in reply to EileenCl

Fabulous and well done, keep it up.

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Well done on getting started. Let us know how you get on xx

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MaggieCats in reply to LUHAN

Thanks...I could get used to the support on here...boosts personal sense of achievement.

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Well done. I think run 1 is by far the hardest mentally. You’ve conquered that challenge and the rest will follow. Looking forward to following your progress.

Well done! Good luck on your journey x

Yay, well done on getting out there.

Thanks, the support on this site is fantastic.

It took me 2 years since my last effort (of which I did 1 run), I’ve never run before and now I’m 1 run TIL starting week 6! If you’re anything like me, avoid finding out how long you will be running in your next run or you might talk yourself out of doing it. Just turn up, turn on your run for the day and go go go! 😊😊

Thanks, sound similar in approach, congrats on getting to week 6 soon.

Good for you..I tried last year, then fell off the wagon and am trying to summon the motivation to give it another go!

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MaggieCats in reply to Gordoa

Hi, you should follow my sister in laws advice...just do it... it's worth the feeling of having done it... even though I'm doing run 2 tomorrow with trepidation, I am feeling good today from yesterday's run... extended "high".

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Brilliant - starting is the hardest bit but once you get going you'll wonder why you waited so long. Happy running!

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MaggieCats in reply to sigasiga

Cheers and yes, I suspect you're right, but I have a bit of a lump to shift before I think I'll really start enjoying it...

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