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New to C25K

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I just wanted to say hi to the 5K community. I haven’t started yet. I have been unable to run for over a year due to back problems. But recently received a nerve block injection, which means I am able to begin exercising. I wanted to build some muscle strength, doing HIT workouts before running.

Hopefully starting my 5k training very soon..... watch this space.

Happy running everyone 😀🏃🏻‍♀️👍

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Hi and good luck in your quest.

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Good luck to get started c25k when you can 😊

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Wow, that's commitment!

Hi dd, welcome, and wishing all the best for your recovery. I expect you're seeing a physio, but there are some great strength for runners exercises on this website.

Thank you. 😀

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I am totally convinced that you are doing the right thing and all respect to you for being ready to give it a go. Very best of luck. Take your time. Take care. Be gentle with yourself but do it! We will be behind you all the way!

Thank you and happy running. 😀

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I started’s mostly walking to begin with for the first 3 days..easier than it do Those exercises and get cracking!

Thank you. Well done and good luck. 😀


Have you set a date yet? 🙂

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Dirty-dancing in reply to

I am hopeful to start after my holiday, so next week. 🙂

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Holiday, lucky you!

A good rest before you begin, not a bad thing. 😀

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