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W3 R1 tomorrow, left knee pain quite bad now

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I really, really don't want to get out of sync with the group at work I go out with on Mondays and Thursdays, but hurty is really quite ouch. I did W2R3 on Saturday afternoon, and have been in a fair bit of pain since, but only when I walk on it. Stand-in, sitting with legs up on footstool no pain. Once I get moving - walking, say - less pain. Ibuprofen, pills or gel, doesn't seem to touch it. I shall sling the kit in the car tomorrow morning and see how I feel once I've got the kit on and knee supports strapped up. I'm no masochist so will duck out if it feels wrong. Oddly, Saturdays run/reps was fine. It was afterwards it went pear-shaped.

5 Replies

I would by all means stop running.

Even if the pain ceases now, it will come back, and probably more fiercely.

1) go for a gait analysis in a run lab if you haven't done it, yet. They will help you choose the correct shoes there.

2) if you are not ready for new shoes, then see a physiotherapist or gp or at least a trainer.

Actually, there's no obligation to buy shoes following the analysis but it's a good practice.

Hope this helps.


Not a good idea to run when you are in pain- seems your body is trying to tell you something. A shame to be out of synch I agree but a spell on the bench will put you further behind. Take a rest and if no better, seek professional advice. Are you doing any strengthening exercises between runs? That might help build core strength and protect your knees. Good luck :)


If you are in actual pain then do not run and rest your knee until you're pain free. 😊


I think you need to stop until your knee isn’t hurting any more - it doesn’t sound as if it’s getting any better. I’m sure if you talk it over with your run leader, who you say is an experienced runner, they would agree. The running will wait and while it’s nice to run as a group, I’m also sure when you’re ready to run again, there’ll be another group of co-workers who you can persuade to take up C25K! Good luck - I really hope your knee starts to heal soon!


Well, I got my kit on, strapped up my knees, but the left one had been angry all day and couldn't even cope with a warm-up come 5 o'clock, so I am now officially on the injured bench. I'll see my GP tomorrow but I don't expect great things, I think he's coasting to retirement.


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