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Feeling disheartened

I completed W6R1 on Friday last week and then felt a bit ill with a sore throat and headache. It hasn't turned into a full blown cold but I have put off running W6R2 until today when I felt a bit better.

However... It was awful! I really struggled with the second ten minute interval. I thought I was near the end but then Laura said "that's halfway!" and I had another 5 minutes to go 😩. I'm dreading the next run, I don't think I'll ever be able to run for 25 minutes. This is the first time in the programme I've felt like quitting. Hopefully it's just this weird cold putting demons in my head!

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It's just that weird cold putting demons in your head!

It really is.

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Give your body time to get over the cold - it's funny how these things affect us sometimes. Then maybe repeat W6R2 - go slow, give yourself a positive mantra(!) or visualise coming back on here to tell us you did it! Week 6 is a famously hard week in the programme and many of us battled with the gremlins at this point. Keep the faith - you can definately do this and you will not only soon be running for 25mins but the full 30! Good luck!🙂

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I feel your pain!! Completed W6R2 today as well. Worst run yet!!! Nearly gave up but pushed through to the end.

I actually found today (and Monday - W6R1) worse than the 20 minute solid run I did on Saturday morning. I think it's the walk break that did me in. Am confident that on Saturday (when I'm planning the next run) the fact that once I start I won't need to stop until the end will keep me going as my pacing will be better.

But the important thing is, we are doing this and we have made amazing progress!!

Let's do this thing!!!

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Thank you! It's great we are at the same place on the programme and whilst I'm sorry you had a bad run too at least I know it isn't just me. I found that harder than the 20 minutes too, but I was glad I kept going and got to the end.

If i feel a bit better by Friday I think I'll plan a nice flat route and try and get it cracked. I need to be back in The Zone! Onwards and upwards...


I am a couple of runs ahead of you - just started week 7 and I felt exactly like you about week 6 and in particular running for 25 minutes. I started making excuses and putting it off. In the end I managed to get my mojo back and I could run for 25 minutes after all - and I did it again yesterday. It's quite a relief once you get back into doing the same run for a week because you know what's coming and you know that you can do it because you've done it before. Keep the faith and you'll surprise yourself 🙂. Good luck.


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