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Just had 2 gait analysis 😉


I’ve just been out today and had 2 gait analysis the first shop Ron Hill recorded it on a iPad in my neutral Nike Revolution 4 trainers and they said I need a support shoe and they had nothing under £120 so I went to Runner’s need they put me in a neutral pair of there trainers which were brooks ghost 11 and it was properly set up better tread mill and the lad said I needed a neutral shoe he showed me a video of an employee who needed support so i could see the difference I told him about the other shop he said he really didn’t agree with them and they like to put you in a pair of their trainers before you do the test they had two pairs of brooks one reduced from £90 to £65 but the Brooks Ghost 11 were much nicer and they were £120 and they did a price match which they do for everyone who goes there and they did the brooks ghost 11 for £96 so I’m so glad I’ve bought them the trainers will be delivered Wednesday to Saturday I wanted a brand new pair not the display ones and so much comfy and more support even though they are a neutral shoe 😉🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️

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Sounds like you made the right choice changing shops. I bet you can't wait to try them out

Kevtrev in reply to backintime

I can’t wait to try them on the streets I definitely went to the right shop 😉


Good for you Kev going for a gait analysis, there are not too many shops that do them, yes proper running shoes are not cheap, nice that you have bought them now and not waiting until you graduate or like me 'considering' to perhaps go for a gait analysis and buy shoes on the "runiversary." of my graduation later this month. I am sure there is a difference between a normal £12 pair of trainers compared to a pair of £120 proper running shoes.😊 🏃

Kevtrev in reply to AlMorr

Yes Alan totally different much comfier and now I see why they are so expensive put worth the money so the Nike trainers will just be used for the gym and classes 😉 and my brooks ghost 11 running only


Ron Hill used to be my local shop as a kid and the man himself is an amazing character, and so humble. I don’t think it’s the same place, think that store was sold years ago.

It’s interesting that they came up with different answers, but it goes to show that good training and knowledge beats technology all day long. Ideally the test should be done in something neutral and very basic/flat... or of course barefooted, so it certainly sounds like the second guy knew what he was doing.

Kevtrev in reply to UnfitNoMore

Most definitely he knew a lot more than the woman in the other shop I just think they were just trying to make more money out of me it seemed that way to me anyway. But I got a much better and informative deal 😉


Here's to many hours of happy running in your new shoes!

Kevtrev in reply to Debston

Thanks debston and definitely the most comfortable trainers I’ve owned much better than them Nike Revolution 4 I have but saying that I wasn’t sure if I was going to love running like I do now so I’m glad I’ve come on this forum so many helpful people on here


I'd love a pair of Brooks Ghost.. I always look for them when I need a new pair but I can't find any for less than £100.. which is my limit 🤑 Enjoy them Kev, your feet deserve it. 😄

Kevtrev in reply to Hidden

Thanks clubberlang they are really comfy but I wouldn’t of paid no more as they price matched that’s standard what they do I think it’s because online shopping is always cheaper that’s why as lots of shops are shutting down because of online shopping so I got them for £96 should of been £120 well over my budget but it’s cheaper than a physio at the end of the day you have to look after yourself 😉

DebstonGraduate in reply to Kevtrev

That's a good way to look at things - invest in decent shoes and save money on needing physio. I shall remember that!

Kevtrev in reply to Debston

It is a good way at looking at it lol as I’ve had my fill of physio sessions and doctors appointments as now I’m on the way to recovery just have to get my strength back.

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