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What to do if you get a personal message you are not happy about.

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There is an ongoing issue with a couple of rogue members who seem to want to use these forums like a dating agency. These people are making a nuisance of themselves by sending personal messages to our female members out of the blue. We are doing are best to get rid of this sort of behaviour as it makes people feel uncomfortable. Please if you get a message from someone you have never heard of or seen on our forum please report the message. From what we have seen they are odd messages and written up like an introduction. We are doing our best to stamp this out.

If you get a personal message you are uncomfortable with report it. If you have never messaged with the person before there is a very distinct box at the top of the message to report.

If you have messaged with the person there Is a drop down menu on the bottom right hand side that says more, click on there and you get a drop down menu that says report.

We put these messages out every now and then because as admins we don’t get a report of abuse from the messages they go directly to Healthunlocked but due to privacy issues they can not act unless a report has been made.

Basically you have to invite them to look at the message and then deal with it.

It is very rare it is needed but just to let you know it is always there.

Rfc x

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I had this happen and it was very swiftly dealt with when I reported it.

I feel left out.

I’d love to get one..... I’d so waste their time.

Gosh - this happened to me. I got 2 personal messages from 2 unknown men. Nothing untoward but I must admit it made me feel uncomfortable. I will now go back to the messages and report them. Thanks for the advice.

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Good to know these things are taken seriously. There’s no shortage of idiots online 😄

Thank you for looking after us 😊

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We have had another very recent spate of unwanted PMs, nothing untoward however it is very important to us all that no one should feel uncomfortable on these forums.

Unfortunately we cannot control users sending unwanted messages or who they follow. We certainly can't do anything if we don't know either, so if you do receive unwanted messages, even if they seem harmless, if you are even slightly uncomfortable just report it. HU Admins will then be aware and can monitor the situation. They are very fair so don't think you're being too harsh 😉

On another note, this if course doesn't mean that you shouldn't contact other forum users by PM but please make sure you're clear in your PM why you're making contact 👍🏻😁

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