Let's share. Do you cross train and if so what and why?

There has been a few posts lately about missing days off. I thought it might be helpful if we share how we use our excess energy on our non running days.

Personally I shake it up with swimming/hikeing/epileptic trainer and racewalking. I have tried cycling but I did not find the love. I will still get my bike out occasionally but I have to push myself.

By accident I have found a new exercise that I love love love as much as running and that is race walking. It uses 95% of your muscles, different ones to running and I can get my speeds nearly the same as my running. It is slow to learn and I am looking for a proper coach for form. It is one where you have to really work on your form to avoid injury so I am trying to start with good habits. As my husband and best friend say it's me getting my wiggle on.

Don't worry if your just starting and the extra energy might not be there yet but it comes as your body adjusts to exercise. Have a look for some future ideas.

So let's share, What do you do?

Just for fun a link to racewalking perfection

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  • Nordic walking and Ashtanga yoga. Why? Because I like the way they make me feel: energised by walking in the countryside, stretched and realigned after a session of yoga.

  • Pilates to strengthen those core muscles, Tai Chi because it's good for the soul! Walking and swimming. Need to get the bike out again!

  • What spare energy?....the main problem is finding time to fit anything else in. Three runs per week as three more execise sessions than what at the start of the year.

    I try and do a fitness session which is focussed on cardio/strength/flex at work once a week, but if I already need to take time out of the working week for other things, then that class has to get dropped. Otherwise I try and do zumba with a friend or a bit of swimming, but rarely manage to fit it in.

  • I agree with the time aspect it is really hard sometimes. I always put running first then anything else I can fit in.

  • Vinyasa flow yoga (mmmm, stretchy mat time) for me. Good for strength and flexibility, as well as feeling 'at one' with the world. And I KNOW how that sounds, but it's true!

  • Nothing at the moment but starting to feel like I need to do more than just running, but like many others I'm struggling to even fit in the amount of running I'd like to do :-(

    Ideally I'd like to start doing some weight training to try and tone up...... I think..... or maybe swimming as I like doing that....... or maybe more walking.......... Oh I don't know!!! :-)

  • Yoga or squash when I can fit it in. Hiking in the summer. Stationary cycle if I can't run for some reason.

    I know I need to do weight training, I just hate the gym.

  • Until recently running was my absolutely everything!!!!! I was so impressed with myself for starting to run anything else seemed way too ambitious!!!! Plus, working full time and with 2 kids I just struggle for time and energy .........

    However, in an attempt to keep my knees strong I started doing the NHS knee exercises (which include squats and lunges) on my days off. I then start to notice my arms and abs were getting muscles from my running. Obviously, given the stronger I get these the stronger my running will become I've started doing a short stint of light weights (in front of the TV) 3 nights a week and have tasked myself to complete the Running Bug 30 Day Core Challenge.

    This exercise lark is addictive!!!!!

  • I swim once a week (usually on a Tuesday) and tend to cover about 1200m before I get bored. I also do a fair bit of walking and do strengthening exercises (mostly squats, push ups and planks) 4 or 5 times a week.

  • Have to admit, the only cross-training I ever do is when I change from the main line to the tube at Stratford now and again.

  • Cycling and wild swimming in the summer, nordic skiing in the winter . Loads of walking any season thanks to the dog. Hoping to start canoeing soon.

  • I'm still recommending the NHS Strength and Flex - I think it's what keeps me injury-free when running.

  • I do a lot of pen lifting and some fork lifting, but not very much else. I need to get the gym to show me how to lift something a bit heavier. The thought of having a PT doesn't appeal, but it'll have to be done, even if only for a low number of sessions.

  • I do a Pilates class once a week and some Pilates exercises every day for my core and glutes. I do squats and lunges every day because Rignold tells me to! And I stretch and use a foam roller every day. Not quite cross training but critical for runners I think.

    I used to go to the gym 2-3 times a week and do weights, cycling and rowing but haven't got time these days as I'd rather be working in the garden which is a workout sometimes too!

  • That is exactly it! When I was a kid we used to see the then marathoners training along the Via Aurelia in Liguria, and they did not run but walked funny like that :) Thanks for the video, it looks even harder than running...

    I walk, swim, kayak, hike and do yoga - just started cycling again, but just for leisure. And heavy gardening :)

    PS - When I say yoga I mean Hatha - because I also do the still form of yoga...

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