Admin why are you not responding!?!

Hello everyone I'm going to have a moan on behalf of a fellow member. All you older members will remember rollertoaster I'm sure she was very much a lively poster on here but had to stop running in her advancing months of pregnancy. She now has the cutest baby boy called Alex and would dearly love to share a photo and get up and running again. However after loads of emails to HU she had no replies to her plea for assistance. I about 3 weeks ago offered to send a message to Admin, it too has been totally ignored. I have resent the same message and added two more Admin addresses, I've also emailed them on rollertoaster's behalf. So now I am telling the whole site that they are letting members down by not responding, they have her email address, she has given it to them, they have also received it from me twice, they know her sign on name and their system holds her personal details, there really is no excuse.

So - - - - - - - - PLEASE IF THERE IS AN ADMIN PERSON READING THIS WILL YOU HELP? She is unable to sign on, needs her password reset, its not rocket science and should take seconds plus an email to confirm its been done. She is eager to access her old posts for information and to get back in touch with old running friends.

I do hope this post is successful and I'm sorry it had to be done this way, I hope there are no others out there experiencing the same difficulties.


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  • message RFC - she's very helpful!

  • That's such a shame.... Come on guys sort it out!!! It's so important this blog is supported for all the energy everyone puts in... I'm sure admin will sort this, they are a great bunch of folk :)

  • She had been trying to get action weeks before I tried to help her JuJu this is not a good way to treat members.

  • Right. This is not good. What can we do? ????

  • I've messaged RFC who has direct link with Admin so will hang on and see if she is able to kick butts. ;)

  • Hi oldgirl. I have sent an email to support with a link to this post so hopefully someone can help. Can I please make a distinction I am an admin and I volunteer, I do not have anything to do with the technical side of this sight or any input into any of the running. Support are the guys who deal with the technical issues of the forum. I would hate for anyone to think I was sitting around not trying to help.

  • I know that RFC but you were suggested and I was hopeful you would have a direct link, my assumption was correct and thank you for your assistance. Your position on the site is known to us older members but perhaps the new ones would not realise this. Clarifying your status is not a bad thing and your help on this site is always appreciated by many.

  • Hi Oldgirl, I work for HU and received rfc's email about this post.

    I am really sorry about your bad experience! I searched for the emails you mentioned, but could't find anything on our Help Centre system.

    Can you please let me know if you used this page to contact us ? If yes, did you receive a confirmation message after?

    I am truly sorry, I hope there is nothing wrong with our contact form. I tested just now and it was fine.

  • Thank you for your reply but this is not solving the initial problem of a returning member who has tried 3 times to have her password reset and on each request she has received no response from HU. Can someone from Technical Support please assist her. Her user name is rollertoaster, her account has not been used for over 6 months as she has had a baby and is desperate now to get back to her running friends on this forum, also to be able to refer back to old stats which she had quoted in posts.

    I myself have sent 3 messages and last week I emailed via the Help option if that helps with your question asked.


  • I have just spoken to rollertoaster and she has sent 3 requests using different machines and different browsers each time and has had no response to any.

  • Has she tried to reset her password via ?

  • I think so but will send her this and ask, thanks

  • I can see that several password reset email notifications were delivered to her email a few hours ago. If she can't find them on her email inbox, she can search for "" as the email sender.

    I hope this helps! Please let me know.

  • Thank you Simone, just had a message from her she is now into HU. 😜 phew. I'm off for a lie down πŸ˜‰

  • I think you deserve a lie down oldgirl after all your hard work. Thanks everyone for your efforts. I'm here now πŸ˜€.

    I'll post in a bit, I've just been enjoying reading my old blogs from the previous time I did the programme in 2012. I'm definitely finding it easier, but just as rewarding this time. X

  • That's great! I am sorry your emails never reached us :(

    To help us make sure that doesn't happen again, would you mind please checking if you received a confirmation email from You can just search for the email sender on your inbox.

    Thanks for your help and patience!

  • Hi, no I didn't, sorry.

    I was able to get in with the password reset link one (notifications@.. address). Still only received one of these emails which is strange as I did it a LOT! Thanks

  • yes, I can see several emails were delivered. Maybe your email inbox is filtering out HU emails, so please add "" to your email contacts. That should prevent that from happening in the future! Sorry again for the delay

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