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Can you do this run on a treadmill? And what’s the best pace. I’m 45 and an 18 stone male, I wouldn’t like to think I’d give myself a coronary trying this😊

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I started on the treadmill and now mix it each week. General advice is to notch the incline to 1. As far as pace is concerned, generally go at a pace where you can comfortably hold a conversation without taking deep gasps. It doesn't matter if your jogging pace is slower than your brisk walk. Take it slow, if you're happy speed it up.

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Cheers Stevie

I’m also doing this on a treadmill it’s a good way of controlling your pace but do put an slight incline on it. I’m on week 5 but may need to go back a few weeks as I’ve not run for 2! Good luck.

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Welcome to the forum and well done on your decision.

This guide to the plan is essential reading and includes advice on minimising impact, pacing and stretching after every run.

Enjoy your journey.


Thanks, appreciated


The weather is improving, improve you with it. Outside perhaps?

Fleece, Trousers, trainers. I made it look as if I was going for a walk, then jogged a bit. Walk a bit. Etc.

By week 4, couldn’t care what others thought, 16 stone old bloke out jogging. Bought a red runners jacket and good runners trainers. The trainers were good . Not the runner.

Enjoyed seeing all the green, smelling the flowers. Jogged all the way to graduating yesterday at 74, eight pounds lighter, finished with a 5K Park Run. Where lots of lovely folk applauded as I eventually finished. You won’t get that glorious feeling on a treadmill!


I did the whole of the program on a treadmill in our works gym.

Absolutely NO need to set it on an incline.

Best pace? Get used to walking on it first. Up the speed a bit until you're walking BRISKLY... it's important you get used to walking briskly, cos that's your warm-up.

Then turn up the speed until you're forced into a slow gentle jog. *THAT'S* your pace.

However, if you're 18 stone and haven't exercised for a long time, you may struggle.

You may want to do the program as a brisk walking program and get your fitness improved that way before doing it all again, but this time jogging.

Hope that helps

Good luck


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Cheers John


I done the lot on a treadmill. Followed the program to a tee and finished my last run yesterday. I like running now, lost a stone into the bargain as well.


Well done! 👏 Enjoy the feeling 😀

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