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So the structure of C25K gives us all the comfortable feeling along with the Healthunlocked, support motivation, advice and empathy from our virtual family of co runners. We relish in the safety of it all and achieve the 30 minute running non stop in our own unique way, But lots of people, myself included start to worry at around week 7/8 once the non stop runs kick in, about life after C25K.

I can only speak of my own journey but for me its was simply....

MOTIVATION -why did I start the programme what was my goal, what did I want long term.

the programme only taught me How to run - I did the running and only I was going to continue if I wanted to achieve my goal.

So remember your goal , your motivation C25K trains you - BUT YOU do it its your journey and your goal.

MODIFY - With the absence of an app, I quickly learned Life throws curve balls and if I allow them to hit and knock me off track that's on Me, so I modify my day, week etc to fit in my commitment to me to achieve my goal, that maybe time, venue, duration, day, distance whatever it takes.

So remember modify your plan to achieve your goal.

MOVE - I commit to move, I have a plan, I modify the plan I deliver on the plan through committing to move a minimum of 3 x a week no matter the modifications it all mounts up towards achieving my goal.

So remember just move - its so good to move.

I've lost inches and weight so much more since graduating, and I'm moving far more than ever before each day I'm exceeding 20k steps without even trying now as the gains of energy levels are euphoric.

Happy running everyone and I hope this helps some of you thinking beyond the programme.

you've got this.

10 Replies
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Welsby you hit the nail on the head. Ur post got me thinking about why I started and it was for me, so why I haven't ran as much since graduation is on me. But this month will be for 2 reasons for me and for MIND. Then to continue just for me no excuses. Hope your running is going well. :)

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HappyrunningfeetGraduate in reply to Happyrunningfeet

Thanks by the way for putting things into perspective.

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welsby1967Graduate in reply to Happyrunningfeet

You’re welcome and you will do this and I’m loving it - running 4 x 30 mins as a rule and static cycling in the garage gym and a bit of boxing too - that really helps the mind xx

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Don't forget that there's a suite of Couch to 5K+ podcasts for people to experiment with after graduation. And the monthly Quests here where you set your own goals and report back

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welsby1967Graduate in reply to GoogleMe

Of course there are plenty of apps and podcasts etc out there. It’s all about personal preference, to achieve your goal I guess that’s what I was saying.

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I felt a bit lost when the program finished, I liked the structure of being told what to do each run. My first consolidation run was a bit rubbish but since then I've got my running apps sorted out and will do my fourth consolidation run tomorrow and I'm back into the groove. Interestingly I was listening to a Headspace podcast on the Nike Run Club app and it says never view your run as something you have to find time for/fit in, structure your day around your run, not the other way round. That way it doesn't become a chore.

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Indeed it’s all about individual preferences and choice etc, I don’t see it as a chore and this is merely my way of achieving my goals I modify what I’m juggling to achieve my goal.

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Just about to set off on W9R1 in a bit and felt underwhelmed & unenthusiastic this morning. Glad I read your post, now I have something to encourage me. Bit funny as after W8 runs I felt great!

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welsby1967Graduate in reply to Astra5

You’ve got this.

I was the same when it came to the last week but believe Me there is life after the app whichever approach you take, as others have replied to my post - there are other apps you can try - I did but I didn’t like them so I posted what I do - hope it helps and have an awesome run xx

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Astra5Graduate in reply to welsby1967

Thanks, gearing up to go out now 😎

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