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W1 R2 - Wow what a difference!

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So I did W1 R1 a couple of times and clearly I was running too fast and my breathing was all over the place, after reading advice on here I kept my walk brisk and kept my run steady and comfortable throughout. At times I had to push myself to keep going and then the walk came into play which I was thankful for and gave it my everything on my final run. I’m hoping I’ll be fitter by the time the rest walk time gets shortened! I actually feel happy after this run and felt like I got it right this time! Positive😁😁😁

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Brilliant stuff! Slow & steady is the way!!

Thank you!😁💗

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Great running , sometimes a wee bit of advice helps when you put it into practice 😊

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tropicana in reply to Buddy34

Exactly, I’m passing on the same advice already!

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Well done 👏

Thank you!🏃‍♀️

Hi well done I have been doing wk 1 for 2 weeks after trying wk 2 and finding it to hard... tonight I am going to do W2 R1 🥴 feel ready now to move on 🙏

Well done! Like Tropicana I was probably running a bit too fast on W1R1, yesterday's run was much easier, all thanks to the advice on here 😄 I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning and getting out there, if I need to repeat any weeks I shall do so, I'm not spoiling what I'm achieving each day.

Yes I finished today’s run feeling much more positive, preparing myself to have to repeat runs, all part of practice and working towards a challenge💪 can only get stronger

Let me know how it goes! What is the walk time on week 2? x

90 seconds jogging with 2 mins walk time which seems a lot but it goes a lot quicker than the 90 seconds 😉😉.. which last week was hard ... tonight I feel ready 😁😁😁

Ahhh I thought the walk time got shorter or is that on weeks further on? I can imagine😩 yessss go for it!

Just got back and all good 😊😊😊 glad I went back and did W1 again .. feel ready for W2 ... I won’t complete this in 9 weeks but I’m aiming for 12-13 ... if it gets to hard I will give up! Got to do it at my pace and as long as I’m enjoying it, I don’t mind it taking that bit longer ... good luck for your next run 🏃‍♀️ 🏃🏼‍♂️ ☺️☺️ xx

Well done! Doesn’t matter when you complete as long as you’re bettering yourself and getting fitter, what it’s all about🏃‍♀️ thank you!☺️ x

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I found the same in Wk1 but by Wk2 I found a rhythm that suited and got breathing right and it all became easier,well slightly easier. Now just started week 8 ( although it’s taken about 12 weeks to get there) and 28 minutes feels the same as that first 5mins in week one. Keep going this really works as an unfit 62 year old I can vouch for it.

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tropicana in reply to Gingeral57

Wow go you!!! I can’t wait to see how far I can go, I hope I can keep this up and if I need to repeat a week just do it until I can move on

Wow well done 👍


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