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Stiff as a board

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Did my W1 R2 this morning. It wasn’t as tough as the 1st run. I say run but it’s more of a shuffle at this stage 😁 nevertheless it was great to be out early morning.

Tonight though I’m as stiff as a board, my legs feel super heavy and tight. Had a hot bath and it helped a bit - any suggestions on how to ease up the muscles?

20 Replies
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Try the NHS Strength and Flex podcasts on your rest days - really helps me. Slow down your runs just a little and look for softer surfaces like grass or hardcore rather than tarmac or paving to run on. Heavy legs can be a sign of poor hydration, so keep taking those fluids ! All the best with it x

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MeedebGraduate in reply to ButtercupKid

Thanks I’ll check out strength and flex and take in more fluids. 😁😎

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ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to Meedeb

Hope it all helps x

Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading and includes advice on minimising impact and stretching after every run.

Look at your hydration too.

Enjoy your journey.

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MeedebGraduate in reply to

Thanks that’s really helpful.

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I’ve been stretching post workout. Calves, groin, hamstrings, quads. It helps stop the muscles tightening as they cool post run.

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MeedebGraduate in reply to LukeAndrew

Thanks - I’ll do that, just found a post on a suggested link so defs be stretching after next run!

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Hydration, post run stretches, not sitting for long... keep the legs loose.

Great job on the run... enjoy the next.

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MeedebGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks I really appreciate everyone’s help and encouragement. It’s a fab forum.

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Brilliant well done for getting started. Don't be surprised or put off by these early weeks aches and pains, they are only to be expected. Aches and soreness, keep moving and stretching. If it's persistent pain be more careful and rest longer to avoid chronic injury. The soreness should stop after about 3 weeks or so. Keep your runs nice and slow and nice and steady. ALWAYS take your rest days and take a day extra if you need it. The plan is brilliant, you will be amazed. Enjoy your running!

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Check your hydration based on wee colour you can google a picture which will give you an idea. Also try to do some short walks on your off days and maybe stretch out a bit at the end too

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If you have not run for a many years you are asking a lot of your muscles in the first days and weeks of C25K. Remember the mantra 'Slower than that!' and advice on hydration and off-day exercise is good too.

Instant relief for pulled muscles is a cold compress (I have a unscented wheat bag in the freezer, just for that). The professionals say RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, but that is for actual injury, sounds to me like you are just going through the 'muscles learning to be strong' phase.

I found week 1 was the hardest, it got better after that. Welcome to the runners.❤

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Very well done on your run! It’s not unusual to feel stiff as a board in the early days, and all the advice you’ve been given is spot on. 👊👍

I found gentle yoga helped too. I use a YouTube channel at home. 😀

Most of all, have fun. It’s incredible what your body can achieve. 👏👏

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My legs ached on my first couple of runs. Your body isn't use to it at the moment. Stretch before and afterwards.

Your body will eventually adapt and you will be ok.

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shows you are working them now though. Yes they will feel tight to start with gentle stretching may help but the day rest gentle walking around usually helps too. Make sure you do the 5 mins warm up walk start and does get easier

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Well done- just keep doing the runs as the C25K tells you to... I found some of the exercises on the nhs website good (I think they might be called post running exercises or stretches )- it’s really worth developing your own post run stretch routine as it helps to be able to move the following day ! Well done - just keep going ! I’m a graduate and would never have thought I could run 5km!

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Hey well done for that it.

It shows that you're now using muscles that you haven't used for years and what actually you're doing is breaking them down through use and they will build up over the next 24 hours slightly stronger than they were.

Muscle is all about breaking down and building up.

Just take it very very easy, you can't go too slow when you're starting out, and you'll probably even find your jog is slower than somebody else who's walking but that doesn't matter the difference it's the jogging gait not a walking gait that you're after so just keep plugging away.

Well done

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Thanks so very much for all the advice - it’s noted and definitely can feel a difference today. Still stiff but have stretched on my rest day taken a short walk - water by the buckets full and ready for tomorrow’s run.

Nice thought that it will get easier. 😁😎 Have a great weekend everyone and happy running. 🏃🏼‍♀️

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I found my calfs getting really tight and achey on the first few runs. Now on week 4 and tgey are getting better. Stretch before and after, sure that helps. Well done on starting, keep at it, you'll love it!

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I’m still shuffling in week 3 but the aching legs get easier. Stretching afterwards is key. If you don’t know stretching exercises am sure you can easily find on the Also Epsom salts in the bath are supposed to ease muscle pain.

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