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Week 8 Run 3 - Feeling Deflated

Hey guys

Feeling quite low today, I went out to run today and couldn’t complete 28 mins and ended up leaving after around 20 mins. I was really struggling to maintain steady breathing and just couldn’t do it. I have found week 8 quite tough in general and not sure why but I wasn’t able to push through but today I just couldn’t.

I could really use some words of encouragement as I’m already dreading my next run and feeling quite low about my performance. 😢

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Some runs are just not as good as others it happens . Just put that down as a practice have your rest day and go out and try again😊😊

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Oh Sukina don’t be down. It was one of those pesky runs which needs to be chalked up to experience. Remember you still got out and ran for 20 minutes. That’s all good for continuing to build your running legs. 👍👊

Try the run again after a day or two’s rest and dial the pace right down. Maybe you were a too little quick today? It is fairly warm so maybe you weren’t hydrated adequately too?

I remember W8R2 was the worst run for me during C25K. No reason, it just felt hideous. The next run was amazing.

Keep going, you’re so close to the podium now! 👏👏👏


Hi Sukina, I had a big problem with this run last night, I had to slow right down to get through it, as has been said sometimes a run can be a struggle for no reason other than you are just not in the mood. Please don't be deflated, a rest day and then start out real slow you will get this.


You’ve done the hardest getting so far in the programme. Maybe slow your pace down and maybe just go for a run with no pressure of running 28’, just run. I felt knowing I had to do that time just put a bit of added pressure on myselt which I didnt need. I just went out with no expectation and run 28 more comfortably than i had done before. Go out and enjoy, no run is wasted!


Wow. Isn’t it amazing how quickly our threshold of success changes? So you didn’t run 28, but you ran 20 and that was impossible a few weeks ago. You know you can run 28 as you’ve done it twice. Unless you know something was wrong with your preparation, it was just one of those tough runs that sneak up on us from time to time... the next run is generally a lot smoother.

They say never look back, but here I think we should... look back at W1R1 and then compare that to the run you did... there’s not too much room for disappointment there if you ask me... celebrate what you’ve done... enjoy your rest day and go again.

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It is not the duration......... you have already completed it twice.

It is probably everything else going on in your life that is impacting your running.

Restedness, hydration and nutrition are at the top of my list of variables that can seriously affect my running, but so can everything else......the time of day, the time of the month, the time of year the time of life, Brexit, family, work, etc, etc.

If you can identify some of these things then you can avoid them in future, or at least adjust expectations.

If I sleep badly, which is quite common, then I know there is no point pushing hard on pace or distance, so a slow gentle jog does the job and provides my fix.

Everything in your life can affect your running......... running can affect everything in your life.

You might just need more rest days between these longer runs.


Tomorrow is a new day, keep going 🙂


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