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W7 R1


Just completed W7 R1 and what a struggle it was...I did complete without stopping but found it really difficult.... I thought this would be getting easier by now!!!!!!

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I think the key here is, you completed!!! What an amazing achievement 😁😁

If it were easy everyone would run everywhere 👍

Popey52Graduate in reply to Deepestblue

Very true... thanks...


This is how I felt on W7 R1 and I felt a little flat after it but honestly R2 felt amazing and I’ve just done R3 this morning and that felt even better. Well done on completing this it is such an achievement and trust me R2 will have you feeling great. My advice which worked for me was drinking at least 2 litres of water every day and eating really healthy before R2. The water I’m sure has been a massive help to me. Sorry for waffling on 😂xxx

Popey52Graduate in reply to MaddyNed

Great reply, and thankyou.. yes was feeling a little flat.. let's see what Tuesday afternoon brings... w7 r2

MaddyNedGraduate in reply to Popey52

Keep us posted 👍xx


Well done 👍 it's a tough run, I think the mental hurdle is the hardest part.


I found all of week seven a slog to be honest, but it does get easier although I don’t think I’m the type that will ever find it easy. Just go at your own speed it’s probably a lot of mind over matter....I’ve found some runs horrible but when they go well it more than makes up for the slogs. Think how far you’ve come and keep going


I 're did wk7r1 today as I stopped twice last friday after 20mins. I did it but struggled...

We must keep going, it must get better.

deadandaliveGraduate in reply to Runadink

This was my experience too, except unlike you it took me two entire weeks to get back on track! Well done! We’ll do this!


Thanks for replys and support... going for it Tuesday.. I'm so determined not to stop... we can all do this...cheers

Popey52Graduate in reply to Popey52

Just an update.. I managed to do w7 r2 today.. not easy again but better than Sunday..did run up a few slopes as I unwisely changed my route..

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